Social Media Marketing User Meet-Up @ The Wix Lounge

Social Media Marketing User Meet-Up @ The Wix Lounge
Have you heard of the Wix Lounge? It’s wonderful free co-working space is a hotbed of creativity that’s taking New York City by storm. We caught up with people who recently attended one of our social media marketing workshops to find out what they learned.

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Top 6 SEO Tips To Improve Your Ranking (Search Engine Optimization)

Top 6 SEO Tips To Improve Your Ranking (Search Engine Optimization)
Every web designer should know the basics of SEO. SEO is a simple process, and provides valuable results for a long time. Once your site starts ranking well on search results, you will get a steady stream of business leads at relatively low costs.

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VideoMarketing – Una exitosa estrategia de marketing en internet

VideoMarketing – Una exitosa estrategia de marketing en internet

Existe un aumento de las personas que navegan por la web y con mas frecuencia se ve gente involucrada en los distintos dispositivos multimedia (tablet, IPAD, Móviles, PC, Smartphones, notebooks)
Para que nuestra comunicación pueda ser efectiva debemos ampliar nuestra manera de llegar a nuestros potenciales clientes que se encuentran navegando por toda la red buscando productos y servicios que satisfagan sus necesidades.
Solo las empresas que impacten en estos nuevos medios lograrán alcanzar esa dificil cuota de mercado que se presenta en el actual escenario digital.
Una nueva estrategia de emarketing ha cobrado importancia en este último tiempo y es la de producir contenidos audiovisuales para la Web. Su aparición transformó internet abriendo posibilidades infinitas. Los contenidos en video son mas efectivos a la hora de comunicar un mensaje y pronto se convertirán en la mejor estrategia de marketing. Sin duda que el futuro de la Web se verá marcado por el profesionalismo audiovisual en la presentación de la marca.
En K7entertainment nos encargamos de producir, publicar y posicionar el contenido audiovisual de su empresa en la web haciendo que toda su información se convierta en un solo audiovisual entretenido, simple y efectivo.
La posibilidad de comunicar sus mensajes, servicios y productos en la web está a su alcance en un solo producto. El Videomarketing.
El Videomarketing está dirigido al internauta que necesita acción, busca diversión y a la vez breve información. El videomarketing llevará su marca a ser primera en las búsquedas de la red.
En K7entertainment nos hacemos cargo de su comunicación audiovisual.,

Free Business Listings – Local SEO Citations

Free Business Listings – Local SEO Citations

Boost Your Online Presence with Local Business Listings.

The core work of any local search marketing campaign is the creation of local business listings. A local business listing is an online profile that contains your business name, address, phone number, and other details. There are thousands of websites and directories on which local business owners are allowed to create free business listings.

The purpose of creating local listings is to make your business visible on the Internet. Each new listing you create increases your chances of being found by customers. At the same time, many of the local business indexes share data with each other. Thus, the more places you are listed and the more visible you are, the more these indexes trust the accuracy of your business data—increasing your chances of ranking well in local searches.

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10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Social-Media Marketing Plan

10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Social-Media Marketing Plan
What you need to know when crafting an effective social strategy for your startup. Read more at

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SEO Tutorial for Beginners

SEO Tutorial for Beginners
SEO tutorial for beginners explains how to search engine optimize a web site for higher Google ranking results, created by this video will teach you easy SEO search engine optimization techniques to use for your own website optimization.

This video lesson details step by step instructions for achieving better Google organic ranking results for any type of website. Also, the importance of adhering to on page search engine optimization elements and particularly focusing on web site structure and its importance in SEO.

This search engine optimization lesson for beginners thoroughly explains on page SEO elements such as HTML file names, web page Meta Data, image names and landing page copywriting and how to create content for users with clean and logical navigation structure on web pages for improving overall usability and website performance in SERP’s (search engine results page)

All web sites that want to market their websites on internet can learn tips and tricks by watching this video tutorial on SEO because search engine optimization industry is an important part of all online businesses. Learning to tap in to the market dominance of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can increase your return on investment (ROI). To study about Google rankings and webmaster guidelines on search engine optimization visit:

As outlined in the video session, you can and should also create Google webmaster tools account because Google webmaster tool allows you to submit your website for Google to index your webpages and also, it has features such as HTML improvements.

XML sitemaps allow you to direct user agents like Googlebot to crawl and index your webpages, to learn more about xml sitemaps visit:

Conversion optimization is also part of any successful website that drives targeted web traffic, that is improving your conversion rates can be achieved by making incremental changes to your web page content and its message and conducting A B testing should be on your to do list. You can also watch this complimentary video that shows you what SEO is and how it really works by visiting this URL

This video session

is created by rankyaseoservices YouTube channel for all webmasters who are looking for creative, proven and tested methods for increasing their online visibility through utilizing the might of Google. You can find our entire How To video playlist by visiting our YouTube channel URL here:

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Business Listings | Confluence Social Marketing | Local SEO | Local Marketing

Business Listings | Confluence Social Marketing | Local SEO | Local Marketing
Local Directory listings are the 3rd most important ranking factor at 29% for local search on Google. You want to be on the map right?

Confluence Social Marketing will manually claim hundreds of your local business listings, Social sites, mobile apps, In-Car navigation systems, and local citations.

Our system is one of a kind because — In the end you have Complete Control of Your Business Listings! Forever! Schedule a Demo Today.

We create the right Citations, remove duplicate listings, Perfect the listings with your Logo, pictures, social links, videos, business categories, and more.

We bypass all the partner networks and act as the owner. We have years of experience and heaps of data that tell us which citations and directories you can trust, and which ones might actually hurt you.

We even know your competitor citations and can target them.
Is it time to rethink your marketing?

This is a one time investment for a life time of value.

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Funny Marketing Video : Example of a Great Video for Startups. 11Eleven a video production company.

Funny Marketing Video : Example of a Great Video for Startups. 11Eleven a video production company.

A funny marketing video we created for a startup company.

We at 11Eleven are a video production company and create great videos for startups and established businesses

The idea was to do a series of webisodes about this character called Mr. Q, who would get in trouble in all kinds of strange situations which he could have avoided by having the app from the startup company we were working with.

Our clients are established business and startups who understand the power of having a marketing video.

Our video production team works closely with your startup business or established business to create amazing videos to increase your brand awareness.

Our videos for startups have been extremely popular and we are very proud of the quality of marketing videos we can deliver for your business.

So for all your video production needs please visit us at,