Social Media Marketing with YouTube: Why? – BLASTmedia

Social Media Marketing with YouTube: Why? – BLASTmedia – Are you looking for a social media marketing firm to handle your next campaign? Let the agency with a proven track record of social media success handle it. The social media team at BLASTmedia

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Social Media Marketing with YouTube – BLASTmedia

The social media team at BLASTmedia has a wealth of experience creating successful YouTube marketing campaigns for our clients — from major consumer tech companies to small businesses and start ups.

Whether your company’s goal is list-building and lead generation, search engine optimization (SEO), or simply increasing your social media presence and interactivity, BLASTmedia knows how to make sure you maximize PROFIT with every YouTube video you upload.

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Also skilled at social media outreach via YouTube, BLASTmedia can help get your product into the hands of some of the top influencers YouTube has to offer. The results we’ve achieved for our clients in the way of increased exposure, traffic, and conversion (yes, SALES!) is astounding. Contact BLASTmedia today to read some of our case studies!

Led by YouTube expert Julie Perry (the featured YouTube expert in Entrepreneur Magazine’s latest book “Success Secrets of the Social Media Marketing Superstars” and creator of the YouTube marketing DVD training series, “YouTube Secret Weapon,” which has sold tens of thousands of dollars online using YouTube alone), the social media team at BLASTmedia doesn’t just claim to know a little something about YouTube: We are out there everyday delivering results for our clients! The best part is: we GET RESULTS!

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If you’re looking for a social media agency to help you gain exposure and profit from what is now the 2nd largest search engine in the world (that’s a fact!), you need to talk to the professionals at BLASTmedia today!

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The power of YouTube can be harnessed as a strong marketing tool because of traffic generation, search engine optimization, cross platform interactivity, social networking and increased mobile access.

Let BLASTmedia handle your next YouTube campaign.

About BLASTmedia:
BLASTmedia is a PR, media relations and social media marketing firm with offices in Indianapolis and San Francisco. We represent national & international clients in industries ranging from consumer and enterprise tech to outdoor lifestyle, health, and parenting.

Video creation services also available.

Call 888.563.6123 and speak with Carey Driscoll today!,

Olhar Digital – O que é Marketing Viral?

Olhar Digital – O que é Marketing Viral?
Propaganda mouse a mouse

Sabe aqueles spams inconvenientes e irritantes? Infelizmente ainda existem, mas hoje em dia a técnica é outra. Voltou o boca a boca, aquela história de tratar bem um cliente e ele vai dizer para outras pessoas. Só que, na era digital, essa propaganda passeia de mouse para mouse. Isso é o marketing viral.

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CNET Update – Lexus torments us with hoverboard marketing stunt

CNET Update – Lexus torments us with hoverboard marketing stunt
Does it really McFly? Lexus gets the world talking about hoverboards again, CNET Update explores other hoverboard technology, and we get perked up for Ripples — a machine that prints designs on coffee.

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2015 Complete SEO Guide For Blogger Blog! [100% Safe] [Enable Meta In Individual Post]

2015 Complete SEO Guide For Blogger Blog! [100% Safe] [Enable Meta In Individual Post]
Blogspot SEO Tips: If you don’t know how to optimize your blogger blog. Then this tutorial for you. In this tutorial you will learn how you can enable meta description for individual post. How you can remove / stop indexing your archieve. How you can optimize your blog title for better search engine ranking?


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Kalem Aquil Marketing How To Claim Your Local Business Listings

Kalem Aquil Marketing How To Claim Your Local Business Listings
How to Claim Your Local Business Listing on the Web

Have you ever heard of websites like Yelp, CitySearch and Google Places? These are sites that allow ordinary everyday folks to write reviews and leave comments about local businesses. They offer a wonderful way for you to increase your web presence and advertise your business.

If it sounds like another unnecessary hassle and profile to make, take a minute to consider this — there’s a good chance your business is already listed and people are talking about you. Someone somewhere has put you on the map and there are reviews already written. Wouldn’t you like to be in control of it?

You should seek out all listings of your business and claim them as soon as possible. It only takes a few minutes and there are 4 vital reasons why it needs to be done ASAP.

Reputation Management

Somebody else has created your listing for you and that’s not a good thing. Your listing may have inaccurate information. If you take control of your business listing, you can make sure that your profile accurately reflects your business and says the right things about it.

Search Engine Optimization

Business listings on these sites appear in search engine results. Once you’ve claimed your site, you can rewrite the profile information so that it’s keyword-optimized, and this will get your site found in targeted searches. Local search sites can be used very effectively as part of your Web traffic strategy.

Find Out What Folks Are Saying

One of the best reasons to claim your listing is that you get to learn exactly what people think about your service. You’re a fly on the virtual wall. They’re giving you valuable feedback on what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. You can use this information to make changes and improve your customer service.

Talk to Your Customers

If you claim your listing, you can use it to communicate directly with your customers. When you reply to their reviews, it shows you to be a business that listens. You create a friendly, responsive image, and that’s the kind of company people like to give their hard-earned dollars to.

How to Claim Your Listing

Claiming your listing takes just a few minutes. Start with the three mentioned above — Yelp, Google Places, and CitySearch — since they’re the most popular. You can also do a Google search on the name of your business and location. On the listing page, somewhere it will say ‘Claim this listing’ or ‘business owners.’

After you fill out a tiny form with your name, email, and street address, they’ll send you a confirmation email. Once you click that, it’s yours.

Claiming your listing puts you in better touch with your customers and provides a valuable tool in marketing your business online. Start searching ASAP and get control over your listings today.,

Social Media Marketing Singapore. Visit for Social Marketing

Social Media Marketing Singapore. Visit for Social Marketing
Social Media Marketing with guaranteed results. Get 50% off plus up to 0 of free bonuses in your first month of social media marketing for Singapore businesses!

Attention Singapore Business Owners: You could be losing out on BIG money everyday you do not engage in social media marketing.

The top performing firms in every industry have one thing in common: they are embracing social media and are building loyal fans and clients for life.

However like most business owners in Singapore, you may be interested and want to invest in social media. However you may not have the time or know how to do it effectively. Which explains why most business owners never get any sales from their social marketing efforts.

Don’t worry, that’s where iStar Publishing comes in to manage your social media marketing efforts for you.

Our clients experience increased loyalty, engagement and fresh new leads every week.

Often their problem is having the right systems and sales teams in place to handle their enormous surge in new business!

Best part is, we guarantee our results or we will work for you for free until we achieve them!

Social media marketing for Singapore business owners has never been easier. Leave it to the professionals while you focus on managing new business.

Remember, you get really good deal only if you mention this youtube video!

Grow Your Business with Social Marketing Today!

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Artist: Kennedy
Song: Karate

Written By: Michael Dubin
Directed By: Lucia Aniello,


Si eres un destino o una empresa del sector turístico, te interesará tener vídeos sobre tu producto. Eso es precisamente lo que te propongo a través de Los Viajes de Carol, elaborar para ti vídeos relacionados con los viajes para que los incluyas en tu estrategia de comunicación. Se trata de #videomarketing creado por una profesional de la televisión.
¿Por qué un vídeo?
Porque te da más visibilidad
Porque casi el 70% de los viajeros buscan en Youtube vídeos de destinos en el proceso de inspiración, cuando están pensando en hacer un viaje
Porque cuando están en el lugar, ven vídeos sobre qué actividades hacer. Vídeos que en el 62% de los casos hayan sido producidos por los mismo destinos y empresas
Porque hay más posibilidad de conversión gracias a su visualización…
¿Necesitas más razones?
Solo tienes que contactarme, convocamos una entrevista y nos ponemos a trabajar.
Suscríbete a mi canal y verás todos mis trabajos y las novedades que voy subiendo puntualmente. @carolaselles @losviajesdecarol,