My Organic Search Engine Optimization Strategy

My Organic Search Engine Optimization Strategy – Find out the best Organic Search Engine Optimization Strategy there is. It will cost you about per month and give you incredible results.

It is very simple:

Step 1 – Sign up sign up to Hittail and use their script to find out where in Google people are finding you.

Step 2 – Look at your ‘Generated Suggestions’ and write content about those keywords and post it on your blog.

Step 3 – Review your suggestions again and check your rankings. It really is that simple. Have a look at the video to find out some more details.

This is the best (and cheapest) organic search engine optimization strategy ever.,

Video Marketing Meets Big Data Software | Pixability

Video Marketing Meets Big Data Software | Pixability – YouTube is rapidly growing. How will you harness the world’s top online video platform to market and promote your brand?

Pixability is big data software that helps major brands more precisely locate and target their desired audiences and demographics using data harvested from billions of YouTube channels, video views, viewer sentiment, search patterns, and competitors’ behavior patterns.

Successfully engaging target audiences on YouTube requires coordinated ads, video content, and social interaction. Pixability automates, synchronizes, and measures the entire YouTube process for both.

Our YouTube-certified professionals show brands and agencies how to distill insights from the data to hone strategies and develop video content. Together our team and software quickly incorporate these capabilities allowing clients to outpace their competition and boost ROI on content, channels, and ad campaigns.

YouTube provides a marketing environment like traditional media never could, and Pixability helps your brand succeed. Click the link above to learn more.

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PR Advanced 2015 Content Creation & Viral Marketing

PR Advanced 2015 Content Creation & Viral Marketing
PR Advanced 2015 Content Creation & Viral Marketing. Author: Brianna Vieira, Strategy Coordinator at Jack Morton Worldwide. Download from SlideShare ➞

Presentation for BUPRSSA’s 2015 PR Advanced Conference: Breaking Boundaries breakout session, Content Creation and Viral Marketing.

This presentation shows how content goes from the mind of a creative to its various platforms and gives some best practices in getting content to go viral.
Published in: Marketing

1. Content Creation + Viral Marketing – Why it matters and how to do it right
6. How do we define viral?
7. Definition 1: of relating to, or caused by a virus. Example: Chicken pox vi·ral
8. vi·ral Definition 2: when content is viewed and shared millions of times within a community to increase brand awareness. Example: Cat videos
12. The Creative Process Experience Principles Let’s Chat #1: #2: #3: #4: #5: Definitions The Landscape + Importance Six Lessons from Viral Brand Activity in 2014
13. pieces of content are shared each day. 27M AOL
14. of global marketers plan to increase or maintain their digital marketing spend in 2015. 84% Salesforce
15. of marketers use social media (the most common content marketing tactic). CMI 87%
16. Search + social networks are consumers’ preferred way to discover new brands and products. Forrester
17. Forrester of marketers take a sophisticated approach to measuring content performance against customer segments. 12%
38. VALUE PROPOSITION PROMPTS PASS-ALONG LESSON #3 •  Think about efficient ways to recognized large audiences. •  Engineer content where the audience becomes invested in propelling content forward. •  Don’t just post and hope – use relationships with influencers with established audiences to ensure that content has advocates from the beginning.
45. LESSON #5 PARTNERSHIPS ENERGIZE CAUSES •  Consider what partners have desirable audiences and something to offer your brand. •  Create sustainable content strategies that engage audiences in the long-term in a serialized manner, instead of as a one-off. •  Be open to partners bringing their expertise and personal style to the table – they often already know what their audiences respond to.
47. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Sometimes, the technical mechanics of how an initiative works is as or more important than the creative idea itself. In an extraordinarily complicated media landscape filled with technicalities, it can pay off to have perfectly balanced initiative inner-workings. Heralded as one of the most successful viral movements in 2014, it is important to remember that the Ice Bucket Challenge was an organic movement – not one engineered to be as big as it became. In a happy accident, ALS nailed perfect mechanics for the promotion through four things. First, heavy reliance on video at a time when Facebook is favoring video and video creation through smartphones is at an all-time high. Second, an unusual act that has a low-barrier to entry and high entertainment value. Third, public pass along and shaming of friends to get involved. Fourth, widespread support from influencers with a very specific request. The results were astounding – even though many didn’t donate money, the reach was so great that many did.
48. LESSON #6 KNOW MECHANIC NIRVANA •  Think carefully about how something will actually work, aligning closely with consumer technographics and behavior. •  Understand that viral is hard to create – the ALS initiative was an organic happening, not a marketing campaign with a master plan. •  Grab a first mover advantage when you can. Be willing to take risks – ALS was first to market with an initiative like this. Other brands will try to replicate this success and there will be diminishing turns.

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Gain Website SEO Solution | Social Media Marketing

Gain Website SEO Solution | Social Media Marketing A quality SEO company that believes search engine optimization and social media marketing is essential to a website’s online presence. At you can “Gain more ONLINE VISIBILITY to Gain more CUSTOMERS.” We are currently offering affordable SEO solution options that maximize your website’s visibility to its full potential. Let your business be visible on search engines and let your brands, products or services be heard and talked about on social media.

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Work For Pixability | An Award-Winning YouTube Ad Buying & Video Marketing Tech Company

Work For Pixability | An Award-Winning YouTube Ad Buying & Video Marketing Tech Company Pixability is the world’s hottest ad buying and video marketing technology company for YouTube. If you are looking for a job opportunity that combines an award-winning, innovative product, fantastic culture, and an incredible YouTube-certified team, look no further: Pixability is the place for you.

Are you a talented Python Engineer? Do you live and breathe YouTube? Want to take on an internship at Beantown’s fastest growing ad tech startup? Pixability is hiring, and besides a dynamic workplace and exciting, rapidly-evolving industry, Pixability offers candidates a fabulous culture in and outside of the office. Watch this video to learn more.

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Search Engine Optimization – Tumblr SEO, Learn SEO Resources, SEOmoz

Search Engine Optimization – Tumblr SEO, Learn SEO Resources, SEOmoz
Learn Search Engine Optimization, SEO Tools, Search Engine Marketing, Tumblr Search Engine Optimization. SEOmoz,, Google,

Bronze Business Listings on Local Online Directory

Bronze Business Listings on Local Online Directory
A Bronze Business Listing will help your business find more customers through being found during search on our local directory listing. Linking on our directory improves your website ranking. Directory links are important to helping be found locally on the internet.,

Video Marketing | What are the benefits of video marketing for your business?

Video Marketing | What are the benefits of video marketing for your business?
Video marketing could mean the difference between making a sale or not. Think about it. Nowadays when you want to buy something you’ll instinctively look for any videos that have been made about the product you’re interested in. That way you can decide if the product is right for you.

Well that is exactly what your customers are doing with you. They want to know if what you’re selling is as good as you say and if you are someone they can trust. You could potentially be missing out on customers by not utilising the power of video marketing.

Here is your opportunity to engage with your audience, build trust and ultimately increase sales. You know your product is great. However, your customers don’t necessarily know that. Video gives you a platform to provide your customer with more information about your services and products.

Living Media can help you develop a video marketing strategy so that you can build your audience and generate more interest in your business.

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You like the idea of video?
85% of people prefer to watch video than read text.
80% of executives are watching more online video today than they were a year ago.
90% of internet traffic in the next year will be video based.
Customers who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not.
A video is over 50x more likely to rank on page 1 of Google over text.
Over 15 million people in the UK are going to watch 200 million videos today.
76% of marketers plan on increasing their use of video marketing, making it the top area for investment in the next year.
437% increase in consumers that engage in a key brand activity after seeing a YouTube homepage video.
Can you afford not to?

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