Avenuesocial – Viral Marketing Objectives Through Facebook App

Avenuesocial – Viral Marketing Objectives Through Facebook App
Facebook with its more than 600 million users is a very important tool used for viral marketing. Facebook applications, fan pages and social plug-ins play a vital role in this regard. Sharing content to one’s wall to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ boxes, Facebook has it all.,

Veteran Business Directory Mobile App Introduction

Veteran Business Directory Mobile App Introduction
The Veteran Owned Business Roundtable is dedicated to “Serving those who have Served” by helping Veteran Owned Businesses (VOB) and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses (SDVOB) succeed. This mobile application is our way to ensure that our members our found by anyone who is willing to conduct business with them while honoring those who have faithfully served our country in the military, and now serve in the private sector.

Click here to download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.veteranroundtable

*Business Listings – Business listings with an intuitive interface, super simple to use, built for mobile users. Images, Video, Deals & Offers, it’s a one stop shop for anyone looking to do business with a Veteran or Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business
*Events – Upcoming events based on your location or in other areas
*Promotions / Deals – Redeem right from the mobile app and share the opportunity with their contacts via your social networks
*Classifieds – Advertised Career Opportunities, Projects Open for Bid, Vendor Search, Joint ventures and items for Sale
*Reviews – Get insight from others who have reviewed listings
*Favorites – Save listing as “Favorites”, so you don’t forget next you login
*Instant Notifications – Get instant notifications on about upcoming events or deals
If you are a veteran owned business or an event marketer and want to get listed on our online directory and mobile app, please visit www.directory.veteranrountable.org,

Intro To Social Media Marketing By Smart Source Media Group NY Internet Marketing Agency

Intro To Social Media Marketing By Smart Source Media Group NY Internet Marketing Agency
A brief introduction to Social Media Marketing by Smart Source Media Group, A New York City based internet marketing agency. Social Media Marketing is a key element of most comprehensive internet marketing campaigns. For more information, please visit http://www.ssourcemedia.com,

Videomarketing | Drink een smoothie met ons – FreshTV videomarketing

Videomarketing | Drink een smoothie met ons – FreshTV videomarketing
Scoren met succesvolle videomarketing?
Drink een smoothie met ons!

Je wil je organisatie of dienst in de picture zetten met een video of animatie. Videomarketing advies van FreshTV helpt je daarbij door strategie te koppelen aan creativiteit. Vergroot jouw online zichtbaarheid met de inzet van video -en animatiefilms op je website of social media kanalen. Ons team neemt je alles uit handen en adviseert je op het gebied van online videomarketing.

Interactieve video:

Gepersonaliseerde video:

Uitleganimatie laten maken:

Bedrijfsfilm laten maken:

Commercial laten maken:

Over FreshTV videomarketing:

FreshTV geeft strategisch video marketing advies waar je wat aan hebt. Je laat immers niet zo maar een film of animatie maken, je wilt je onderscheiden van je concurrentie en in de kijker spelen bij je klanten. FreshTV brengt de behoeften van jouw doelgroep in kaart. Dit inzicht vormt de basis voor het creatieve proces met een unieke bedrijfsfilm of animatie als resultaat.

Je wilt een film of animatie die jouw verhaal vertelt, maar wel op een originele en boeiende manier. Een film of animatie moet vanaf de eerste seconde de aandacht van de doelgroep trekken en ook vasthouden. FreshTV heeft een creatieve insteek en gaat voor unieke concepten met impact. Hulp nodig? Voor creatief video marketing advies zijn wij je ideale partner!

De naam FreshTV zegt het al: we zijn graag verfrissend bezig. Daarom houden we alle trends op het gebied van online marketing en video in de gaten. Zo hebben we een nieuwe interactieve videotool voor de journalistiek ontwikkeld genaamd DIVA. Ook zijn we helemaal thuis in animatiefilms en explanimations.,

#7 SEO Tutorials for Beginners | WordPress & Search Engine Optimization

#7 SEO Tutorials for Beginners | WordPress & Search Engine Optimization
http://www.4seotraining.com.au Why you should consider using WordPress to improve your website appearance and also to exploit SEO for better search engine results | SEO Tutorials

– WordPress is easy to use
– Around 25% of all new websites use WordPress
– WordPress SEO plugins
– WordPress SEO themes
– Converting to a WordPress site

Other tutorials in this series include

#1 What is SEO?

#2 Keywords and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

#3 Good Search Engine Optimization for promoting your website

#4 Bad Search Engine Optimization (Black Hat SEO)

#5 Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

#6 Auditing your website for SEO

#7 WordPress & Search Engine Optimization


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“How Can I Make My Facebook Post Go Viral?” : Vyral Marketing

“How Can I Make My Facebook Post Go Viral?” : Vyral Marketing
In this episode, you’ll learn the key concepts that are needed in order to make a Facebook post go viral.


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In this episode, you’ll learn how to pick a video topic that’s guaranteed to be popular with your ideal client or customer.

*Get More Sales From Your Customer Database* We interview you on a HD webcam to educate your customer database with video to grow sales – we do all the work for you.

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Webdesign. Odds Are You Need An Update.

Regardless of how outstanding your current website design, at some point you are going to have to update it. Of course, this brings one crucial question immediately to mind. “If I redesign my website, am I going to lose traffic or sales?” It’s a legitimate question and the answer is yes.

Almost any time a you redesign a website, it loses traffic. In fact, 7 out of 10 marketers who release an updated design experience a decrease in either their traffic or sales. Fortunately, it is possible to minimise your losses and even recoup some of your loss by improving engagement with a great new design.

The following Bristol web design infographic takes you through the process of redesigning your website without sacrificing traffic or sales.

How to Redesign Your Website Without Losing Traffic or Sales
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Significant Changes to Your Website
The truth is that stagnant websites can’t keep up in the ever evolving online world. Not only do search engines look favorably on websites that are frequently updated, adjusting your design may be exactly what you need to maximise your conversion rate.

Asia Business Directory

Asia Business Directory
Asia Business Directory Listing – http://entrepreneur-sme.asia/business-directory/

Asia Business Directory and Mobile Friendly Website Listing. Visit our site with hundreds of business related pages PLUS our fast expanding Asia and ASEAN business directory. Sign up today for a listing in the Asia Business Web Directory and improve your local business presence on the internet

Our experienced moderators will help you with your listing – of course FREE of charge.,

Affordable Video Marketing Expert | (615) 802-8144

Affordable Video Marketing Expert | (615) 802-8144
http://www.reelvideoseo.com Reel Video SEO is a experienced video marketing agency. We are the best video marketing experts in the industry when it comes to getting your business on the 1st page of Google and seeing results. Many talk the talk but how many can show you results? Our Goal is to help your business succeed with growth.
We dominate the Nashville area with our video marketing. Don’t believe us? Go to Google and type in Video marketing Experts Nashville, as you will see we occupy two of the first three spots on Google’s 1st page is our Video.
Another example look what we did for a garment embellishing company in Nashville: search for Best Dye Sublimation Nashville and see how we blanket the page for our client.

To make a long story short… we ain’t no joke! We let our work do the talking for us. So if you want results contact us. If you looking for someone to sell you a dream roll with another team!

Reel Video SEO
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Gallatin, TN
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