Google My Business listings for Sedona

Google My Business listings for Sedona
Be on the first page for Google search by paying attention to your Google my Business listing for Sedona: or call us at 928-451-8556

Hello everybody, it’s Brad from Bellrock Internet Services in Sedona again. Today, I want to talk a little bit about Google searches, and specially focus on what’s called Google My Business. That’s the name that they came up with at Google for having your local business listed.

So Google and other search engines have local business listings which come up when people do searches for local services needed now. So potential customers will see Google My Business listing for Sedona when they use Google to look for all kinds of businesses.

For example I did a search on painters in Sedona. Probably the top way for people to look for painters in Sedona is to use Google. Other than maybe more to mouth or something from your neighbor, this would be the best way to make sure potential customers find your business. So, anyway I did a search on painters in Sedona, and this is what came up on the first page. First we get to three businesses that are actually just business advertisement listings that produce leads for painters. Theses listings have paid to be on the top of that first page because many people will just look at the very first thing on the search results and start clicking to find their painter.

Right below the paid advertisement listings is an area with a map that shows three.Painters in Sedona. Then below the map, it lists these three painters. This is the Google my business listings in Sedona area for painters. These listings are placed on Google free. Your business gets listed here on because Google has gone out and found businesses, probably from services like the Yellow Pages, and listed them in their Google database. These listings come up when people in that area are doing a search for something that Google believes your business has something to do with.

Google only lists the top three on their page 1 of results. This is called the three pack. It’s important to get in this three pack to be on page 1. Below the three pack, You will notice, a link that says more places. That link brings up a listing of a long listing of painters that they’ve got in their database. The top three are in the top three and then it shows many many more. And shows them over here on the map. Being included in this long list is good, but it does not place your business on the first page of Google where you will receive significant results. What you really want to focus on is being on the first page.

So the first thing that has to be done to help,is you have to claim your listing. This is easy, but there are many businesses out there that have not claimed their listing. If you don’t claim your listing, then you can’t do the other things to optimize your listing get and be in the pack 3 results on the first page of Google search. For instance, you cannot work on the reviews, put up pictures, make comments about your business, and not even put a business description in.

So, the key thing here to know that it’s important to claim your listing on Google. Then optimize it to make sure you get in the top three. We offer a service to do that for you and. If you’d like to talk to us please visit: or use our online form to send us an e-mail. We’ll talk to you about how we get this done for you. We are offering a special low price in getting this started.

Go to the page on the following link and have Bellrock Internet get started on getting your local business on Google’s page 1 three page results:

Order Optimization for Google Local Business Search

So with that. Have a great day. And thanks for listening.,

Online Video: An effective Marketing & Communication Tool

Online Video: An effective Marketing & Communication Tool
Have you considered using online video as a tool to market and communicate important messages about your business and help you increase your Sales?

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John gets a lot of marketing messages! When he actually pays attention, they go into his brain somewhere and….. well, let’s just say they get “interpreted”.

In the end, the message in John’s head could look something like this… or this… & at best, like this!

Not exactly what was intended right?

There’s gotta be a better way to get people like John to see messages the way YOU want them to… so that in the end… they wind up buying your awesome product.

But life just moves too fast, regardless of the impressive stunts you pull to get their attention, people will often run right past you.

So you need a super creative way that will slow people down long enough to captivate them. What better way than a short, simple, and engaging video?

It’s perfect to promote or clarify your business, product, or service!

Ok, you’re wondering, would John really watch a video about your business?

Let’s ask him.

When you want to buy something new, would you rather read a long brochure or watch a short video about the product?

See, no hesitation whatsoever!

What if you had to figure out a complicated process; would you rather read hundreds of pages of complicated jargon, or watch a 2 minute video?

John, as well as this awesome robotic dog would choose a video any day!

It’s just better, quicker, easier… and more importantly, convenient-ER.

In short, video is simply the best tool for marketing online, for selling in person, for pitching ideas and for training purposes

To help you use video to awesomely communicate your messages and sell more, connect with us right now… or tomorrow.,

SEO Training Tips Pt1: Dominate Bing & Yahoo

SEO Training Tips Pt1: Dominate Bing & Yahoo presents: Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide Video. Use these simple SEO Training tips to dominate Bing and Yahoo. Includes SEO tips to Link Building for SEO, How-To name your title pages for optimum search engine results, what type of content to use and not use and “SEO Best Practices”,

Top 3 Tips to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2016

Top 3 Tips to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2016
Here are our Top 3 Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips to Help Booster your Profile in 2016. Check out the results we’ve achieved for financial services companies here

Social media marketing continues to top the charts as one of the top lead generation strategies for finance and professional services alike.

My name is Ashley Jessen from and today I am going to outline my top 3 tips to ensure your social media marketing strategy is generating results for your business.

Tip number 1 is to ensure you and your team are creating content worth sharing.

The whole idea of social media is to engage, share and open the discussion. If all your content is about you, your products and services, then you are not going to get much engagement.

Your content is the cornerstone to your social media marketing. Your goal is to create content that sparks the interest of your target market, educates and informs and positions you as the expert.

Once your meet this criteria, you are well on the way to a winning social media strategy.

Tip number 2 is to identify a strategy for each channel. LinkedIn is very different from Facebook, which is very different to Twitter. Take the time to understand the message you need to create for each channel and commit to that strategy.

Your company may have both Business to Business and Business to Consumer channels and it is important for both to create an independent strategy that resonates with their specific audiences.

Our services include:
• Content Marketing
• Copywriting
• Marketing Automation
• Social Media
• Video Marketing
• Press Releases
• SEO Content &
• Newsletter Content

We’d love to help you boost the authority of your business.


Social Media



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Local Maps Directory Business Listings Explanation

Local Maps Directory Business Listings Explanation
In this video, we cover for those who want to understand how exactly a directory listing online through any major search engine.

As a business owner, making the effort to engage with some of the top search engines can benefit virtually any type of business or entity in sometimes unmeasurable ways. However, you must know how to do it correctly.

It sometimes may be vital for your company to make sure that your business has these pieces of information about your business listed online in order to keep these listings current:

– Business Name
– Business Address
– Business Phone Number
– Brand
– Design
– Social feeds
– Business Owner experience or Years-in-Business
– Specialized Accredited Credentials
– The different services that you provide

1 – First, claim any existing auto-generated listings online by you or a manager as the primary official of the business.

If your listing was auto-generated after you started your business, you may have published your business online by the state, city, or yellow pages directories.

Often times, this information was updated online as a point of reference.

Whether or not you own one of the following:

– home-based local service
– franchise
– mom & pops shop
– wholesaler
– non-profit organization
– professional practice
– corporate firm

These intelligent search platforms may have created a listing for your business based on any kind of information published about your business to help you along with all of the tools that they provide.

This means that you may very well have generic listing on these networks already.

Because they are platforms that crawl business data and sift through what they think should be posted in their physical business maps directory it may be wise to claim the listing.

As an act of courtesy, they will publish what they assume is a real business in their own search engine only.

Since many businesses currently interact online in some way, it can help to know that the information above that is shown is correct.,