Learn SEO: Use google stop words for search engine optimization. J.R. Fisher

Learn SEO: Use google stop words for search engine optimization. J.R. Fisher
Learn SEO: J.R. Fisher – google stop words for search engine optimization. Google “stop words” can help you with search engine optimization with SEO tricks of what “stop words” you should leave out of your titles and how you can use “stop words” for web site SEO and search engine optimization. You can also download all of the “stop words” by clicking the link below:

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Local Business Listings Still Matter!

Local Business Listings Still Matter!
Digital Marketing Tip #4: NAP (Name, Address, Phone #)

By creating consistent local business listings you can quickly start to rank higher in search. Make sure your NAP (Name, Address, Phone #) are consistent across your listings!

Check your listings here: https://moz.com/local/overview

Local SEO Ecosystem: http://d1avok0lzls2w.cloudfront.net/uploads/blog/522f818cc55bd8.75231791.jpg

You’ll notice how there are a few primary citation sites that feed the major search engines:

Neustar Localeze

Sign up for Moz Local to help set up your business listings: https://moz.com/local/overview?utm_source=Pryde%20Marketing&utm_medium=YouTube&utm_term=fun&utm_campaign=hustle