The Best Directory Software – Brilliant Directories

The Best Directory Software – Brilliant Directories
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Brilliant Directories is the leading website directory software. Build Professional Online Directories & Membership Websites. Perfect for business listings, classified ads, local city portals, and more, Brilliant Directories makes it easy for both beginners and experienced developers to start and manage a thriving online directory website.

Brilliant Directories is robust, flexible, and easy to use. It is tuned to save you time, minimize the cost of development and maximize revenue. All the features needed to run an enterprise-level directory website are built into your Brilliant Directories platform.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert developer, it’s easy to update the design, look and feel of your directory website. Simple design settings allow you to control colors, upload your company logo, select font styles, and even modify the layout of your pages with just one click!

Generate revenue by connecting your own payment gateway. Brilliant Directories integrates with, PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Express, and 2Checkout. Manage payments, refunds, and membership packages all with one intuitive platform.

Both up and coming startups and enterprise-level organizations rely on Brilliant Directories to power their online businesses every day. Our promise is to deliver a world-class platform that exceeds your expectations.

At Brilliant Directories, our mission is to help you succeed. To achieve this goal, we maintain a strong focus on delivering the best support possible to all of our users. Support is available via email, chat, scheduled training sessions, our friendly community forum and video tutorials.

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Video Marketing Software: Wake Up Your Video Marketing

Video Marketing Software: Wake Up Your Video Marketing Pixability helps clients make, manage and promote their online marketing videos. While video marketing has become the number one way to get your business seen online, managing all the social media promotion with its changing rules and best practices can be a headache. But with Pixability’s online video marketing software Caffeine, managing videos and promoting them on social media sites is a snap. We do the research for you and incorporate it into the software so you can focus on getting your message out. Pixability uses all best practices for video marketing, built right into the Caffeine video marketing software. We focus on video SEO, YouTube video marketing, and integration with social media marketing.

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phone | 1-888-PIX-VIDEO

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ماهو التسويق والاعلان الفيروسي (viral marketing) وكيف ينتشر؟

ماهو التسويق والاعلان الفيروسي (viral marketing) وكيف ينتشر؟
التسويق او الاعلان الفيروسي
(viral marketing)
هي استراتيجية تقنية تقوم بنشر الاعلان وتسويق المنتج او الفكرة في شبكات التواصل الاجتماعي من شخص الى اخر بشكل سريع وعلى نطاق واسع جدا و بأقل تكلفة،
وسمي بهذا الاسم لأنه يتكاثر و ينتشر بشكل مشابه لانتشار الفيروسات وتناسخها.

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Search Engine Optimization or Google Adwords Marketing? Which is better for local businesses?

Search Engine Optimization or Google Adwords Marketing? Which is better for local businesses?
Which service is best for a local business? Well, there are a few important questions you should answer before starting a campaign,