Viral video marketing _ Chuyen tinh ban la chay _ Digiworld

Viral video marketing _ Chuyen tinh ban la chay _ Digiworld
Digiworld _ HP + Intel Viral video 2015
Agency: DigiHP
Production House: ESBA Vietnam
Country: Vietnam
Year: 2015

ESBA Vietnam – is a Premium Production with a focus on high end Film and TVC products to position your brand to the mind of your prospects.


Video Marketing Explained

Video Marketing Explained
By regularly producing content that is relevant, useful and interesting to your customers, you will raise your brand awareness, establish trust and loyalty in your customers and dominate your area of expertise online.

The key to real success is to have a video marketing strategy that includes a variety of videos including stories, product demos, staff profiles and customer testimonials.

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How To Optimize Your Blog For Google Search Engine – SEO Full Course

How To Optimize Your Blog For Google Search Engine – SEO Full Course
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The State of Video Marketing

The State of Video Marketing
Video is everywhere. And as more means to watch video emerge, the need for marketers to create video grows. According to Forbes, 75% of executives watch work-related videos on business websites at least once a week. Also, 65% of executives visit a marketer’s website, and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video. Those are some pretty strong numbers. For more compelling stats, watch this video infographic that makes the case for video as a cornerstone of your 2017 marketing strategy.

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Social Media Marketing with PiSun

Social Media Marketing with PiSun
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Why have companies invested billions into their Social Media Marketing? Have you ever been too busy driving to stop and get gas? Ideas need fuel. The fuel to advance forward is people, never forget it. Any idea, product, service, art, or innovation needing to catch traction must be continuously present where the people are. We all for the most part are connected to people on social media websites, apps, and communities all day every day. We spend more and more time every year on social media platforms. So naturally the question is simple. What if anything would prevent you from establishing an effective social media campaign?

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So how does it all work? The more important question is, why does it work. What is marketing really? The idea behind marketing is to entice a person or persons to engage with a service or product. There are two things that are needed for marketing to work. The first is a service or product. The second is people. You undoubtedly if here have a service or product. What you desire are the people to engage you, correct? Through much analytics and analysis Pisun goes to where the people are that are most likely to engage in what you have to offer. You bring the what and we will match it with the why, who, when, and where. If you want a remarkably unbelievable team to work with you look no further, you found us. Or did we find you? Interesting how that works isn’t it?
Social Media Marketing creates when don right what we call the snowball reaction. The best thing about the snow ball reaction is that it only takes a small amount of like minded individuals to start drawing in others like themselves, consistently. There are many social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pintrest, and more. Each has a unique way of generating business. Have you ever asked how free, for the consumer, Social Media companies can be worth billions? The truth is that these companies sell specific information about there subscribers to companies to aid in marketing. This drastically aids in who you can reach and where. Let us give you a few examples which will show you the difference between SMM and expensive T.V., radio, or billboard ads,