5 Psychological Triggers That Drive Consumer Behavior | Viral Marketing

5 Psychological Triggers That Drive Consumer Behavior | Viral Marketing
5 psychological triggers that drive viral marketing

It’s no secret that incorporating the principles of psychology into sales pitches and direct marketing pieces is one of the smartest and most effective way to improve business results.
So what psychological triggers do you use ?
There are a lot of ways you can incorporate the scarcity principle into your marketing to drive action, such as:
• Sales deadlines
• Out-of-stock announcements
• “Limited-time-only” products
People are naturally curious, so if they come across content or marketing material about something they don’t know about, they’re compelled to click on it.
Need some examples? Check out the headline of any article on Upworthy:
How did they get more students to eat breakfast regularly?
Create the buzz before launching your product. Get people talking on social media. By the time you actually launch, people will be more than excited to buy.
Social Proof
With brands marketing their products, it’s a bit different. People know you’re out to sell them something, and will take whatever you say with a grain of salt.
Recommendations from friends, family, and even celebrities are what we call “social proof,” psychology you can use for viral marketing.
• User reviews
• Celebrity endorsements (preferably unpaid)
• “Best selling” product categories
• Social signals (E.g., “Your friends also like this page!”)
• Number of customers served (Another one we use on our homepage):

The principle of reciprocity is based on the idea that if someone gives you something, you’ll feel compelled to give something in return and is a great psychological trigger for viral marketing.
Create Carrot Content
Give away free stuff,

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