An introduction to SEO Foundations by Danny Dover | Search Engine Optimization Training

An introduction to SEO Foundations by Danny Dover | Search Engine Optimization Training

Danny Dover is the author of the bestselling book ‘SEO Secrets’. He was the former LEAD SEO at MOZ. And now the SEO faculty co-chair at Market Motive.

The best way to understand the complex field of knowledge like SEO is to first understand the incentives of the major players so for SEO. This turns out to be very easy to major players of SEO users to humans around the world who are using search engines every day.

The Three Players:
Lets Identify the incentives of the major parties:
The Users: the hundreds of millions of people who search online, and this audience drives the entire profession of SEO.
Search Engines: Technologies owned by technology companies, enable users to find relevant information.
SEOs: Search engine optimization and search engine optimizer, Focus on influencing organic search engine rankings.
Incentives of Major Players: What does each party want?
Users will search for the information and they need relevant results.
Search Engines will provide the relevant results to users and sell ads to advertisers. And they need to attract a large audience of users and to make money from advertisements.
SEOs will influence organic rankings and they show their information to searchers.

What’s important for SEO is to work on getting their information or more often their client information to the top of search engines so that they’re relevant information is shown to the world audience of searchers.

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