Video Marketing: 6 Types of Videos That Businesses Need

Video Marketing: 6 Types of Videos That Businesses Need
Businesses using video grow revenue 49% faster year-over-year than organisations without.

But what type of videos are there, and how can you implement them?

1. About Us Video
This video tells the story of your business. Focus on WHY you do what you do, not WHAT you do. What makes your business special and what sets you apart?

2. How to video
These are short, punchy videos. Such as life hacks, quick tips for success etc. These add value to someones life, which means they are more likely to get shared.

4. Product review video
This is where you do an in-depth review or tutorial that showcases the features and benefits of your products or services.

3. Lead magnet video
A lead magnet is an offer you give in exchange for a persons contact information, such as a downloadable checklist, a free trial, or a free consultation.

5. Customer testimonial video
Testimonial videos are simple interviews with happy customers. These are a great way to validate and build trust in your brand.

6. Sales video
This is where you ask your audience to take the next step and become paying customers. These work better if you’ve done the previous videos first, as the audience will have developed trust in you.

We’re Josh and Matt, and over the past few years we have been building a huge body of creative work. From developing our own TV shows that are broadcast around the globe, to creating digital content that has gone viral, to working with hundreds of small businesses producing and marketing online videos – we have done it all.

We specialise in working with small businesses to create and market online videos that cut through the noise and position their business as the ideal solution for their customer. We’ve developed a powerful inbound Facebook Marketing System that allows businesses to leverage these videos to effectively reach highly targeted audiences and drive sales.

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How to Download Quora Videos For Video Marketing [Latest]

How to Download Quora Videos For Video Marketing [Latest]
Quora is a popular Q&A Social network and they recently added a feature to reply via videos. This feature is available via Quora mobile app.

Unlike Instagram or Facebook, that let you save videos (Live stories), Quora currently doesn’t offer feature to save videos automatically when you record them.

Using this powerful free Firefox add-on, you can download and save Quora videos to your system.

Download link:

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Grow your Business | Video Marketing | Video Marketing for Business | Video marketing India

Grow your Business | Video Marketing | Video Marketing for Business | Video marketing India
Business Hunt – For Business
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Glastonbury CT Video Production | Video Marketing | Stanimal LLC

Glastonbury CT Video Production | Video Marketing | Stanimal LLC
Glastonbury CT Video Production | Video Marketing | Stanimal LLC

Stanimal Video Marketing focuses on video production in Glastonbury, Connecticut (CT). We produce effective marketing videos for local businesses not only in the Hartford CT area, but throughout Connecticut. Our videos don’t just look good, they are specifically designed to convert viewers into customers. Unlike other video companies, we also help implement proven video marketing strategies, & video SEO, to ensure your video reaches your target audience & and drives traffic to your business.

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Social Video Marketing Summit 2017

Social Video Marketing Summit 2017
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The Social Video Marketing Summit is back! Serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, entrepreneur and photographer Sue Bryce, social media expert Brian Peters from Buffer, and Animoto’s own Sally Sargood will go live on the Animoto Facebook page to tell you what you need to know to get started with video marketing and Facebook advertising today.

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Video Marketing Services – Effective and Affordable!

Video Marketing Services – Effective and Affordable!
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Unleash The Media has extremely effective and affordable solutions for advertising your business online.

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Puebla – Video Marketing 3SIT

Puebla – Video Marketing 3SIT
Las atracciones de puebla son una delicia de nuestro país, desde su comida hasta sus lugares son una excelente opción para conocer los pueblos mágicos de México.
En este video puedes conocer la ex hacienda de Chautla, Cholula, el centro de puebla y Africam Safari que son lugares que en un fin de semana puedes visitar y disfrutar.
Si quieres conocer mas pueblos mágicos entra a:
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Hindi Motivational video | Network Marketing Mistakes | Success Secrets by Gautam Bali | Pawan Malik

Hindi Motivational video | Network Marketing Mistakes | Success Secrets by Gautam Bali | Pawan Malik
To Join Vestige Contact us : 7988513354
Hindi Motivational video – Watch Network Marketing Mistakes, how to avoid network marketing mistakes to be successful in network marketing and other network marketing tips on Pawan Malik channel. In this video, Gautam Bali speaks about how to avoid mistakes and inspirational journey in Vestige and the spirit of Team Champions!
Stay tuned to Pawan Malik’s channel for more such success tips.

Click here to watch :

Success Tips –

मार्केटिंग के रहस्य –

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Video Marketing for healthcare and pharma

Video Marketing for healthcare and pharma

Healthcare Video Marketing

More and more entities and practices in the healthcare industry are turning to video to get their message out. Videos allow you to take complicated concepts and present them to your target audience in a way that engages, educates and entertains. This results in higher click through rates, more exposure, higher social engagement and an increase in brand impact. Here are just a few ways that video is being used in the healthcare industry:
medical e-learning, healthcare tips, explaining services offered, demonstrating new technologies, equipment & software, promoting sales and specials.

Healthcare Video Marketing

Más y más entidades y consultorios en la industria de la salud están recurriendo al video para promover su mensaje.

Los videos le permiten tomar conceptos complicados y presentarlos a su público objetivo de una manera que involucra, educa y entretiene. Esto se traduce en mayores tasas de clics, más exposición, mayor integración social y un aumento en el impacto de la marca.

Estas son algunas de las formas en que se está utilizando el video en la industria de la salud:
Enseñanza web médica (e-learning), consejos de salud, explicación de servicios ofrecidos, demostración de nuevas tecnologías, equipos y software, impulso de ventas y promociones.,