Black Owned Business Directory & Mobile App

Black Owned Business Directory & Mobile App
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Black Trade Lines is a company that uses technology to empower African American businesses.

Poverty is an economic problem that has dynamic and social effects on society.

The African American community has a staggering national unemployment rate of 34%, and a parallel youth national rate of 57%.

My name is Nicole Choice and I am a brand ambassador for BlackTradeLines.

BlacktradeLines is a company that uses digital technology as a platform to empower African American businesses.

With one out of five African American households living in poverty, we understand the economic plague that is sweeping our community.

For this reason our company has adopted technology, a pulse initiative; a vehicle to help combat this problem.

Our core mix of products and services ranging from stores to mobile applications are tailored to get the african american dollar circulating back again within the community; establishing a framework for economic growth and sustainability.

Our approach is your approach, a broad footprint that answers that question; “Where do we start.”

We are calling on like minded individuals, ones that are not afraid, ones that have a breath of character, to join this movement. To make us believe again and bring our community back from economic extinction.,

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