Meet The MTN Business Directory Service

Meet The MTN Business Directory Service
Welcome to the MTN Business Directory Service

Find a business listing
Use this menu item to find the business, service or industry you are looking for. When opened, this menu automatically returns the TEN Business Listings nearest to your current location. The application utilises your phone’s GPS & LBS technology to find your approximate location. For best results, please allow the application to ‘find your location’ on start up.

You can narrow your search criteria by specifying a business name or product by entering a keyword in the search bar. This way you will be presented with the best results related to your enquiry.

Once you have found a business listing, you can view its information and location, add to it to your favourites. By clicking on ‘Map View’, you will be able to identify your location in relation to the specified business listing and get directions to it.

This menu item opens options to call emergency services. It returns the FIVE police stations, hospitals, fire stations and other emergency services closest to your current location. Help is just a button push away.

My Favourites
Using the ‘My Favourites’ feature is a great way to easily access your favourite business listings. When viewing a listing, simply hit the ‘Favourites’ button and that listing will appear in your favourites list.

To remove a listing, select the applicable business and by simply hitting the ‘Favourite’ button, that business listing will be deleted from your favourites.

My Business Listings
Add your business to the MTN Business Directory Service by registering on the ‘My Business Listings’ page. You can add as many unique listings as you want, include all your business information and set your address and exact location using the ‘Map View’. You will be required to create a separate listing for each business location.

You can also enter a certain number of search phrases for each listing*. These search phrases are linked to each of your business listings and are used when customers look for a business using the ‘Find a business listing’ section of the application.

Create a business listing now and make your business information and location immediately searchable, accessible and findable.

Once you have registered you can log in to your profile from the ‘My Business Listings’ page where you can edit and update your information at any time. This page displays your login details and caters for a ‘forgotten password’ link. You can reset your password using the ‘forgotten password’ link and we will send you a new password via email.

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Online Business Web Directory | Free Local Business Listings | Ace Web Directory
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How to Rank Well In Google Local Business Listings

How to Rank Well In Google Local Business Listings Oftentimes, in order to achieve a good local listing in Google, for example, it is necessary that a business also has a great website. The website needs to be search engine friendly, so that the search engines rank it well. When the search engines rank a local business listing well, oftentimes you will scroll down and also see a website associated with that same business listing. Those two often go hand in hand. In highly competitive areas, it is very difficult to rank a local business and Google local listings without a very well ranking website also. It is important that business owners understand how to optimize website in order that the search engines rank them well. This will further boost the rankings in local business listings.,

Langham Place Mongkok on TripAdvisor Business Listings

Langham Place Mongkok on TripAdvisor Business Listings
Hear Didi Chan, Director of Revenue at Langham Place Mongkok, talk about how TripAdvisor Business Listings helped increase direct bookings to her property: “In just one year, we’ve witnessed a 20 percent increase in traffic to our website with a generally high conversion rate.”

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