Increase eBay Sales With Search Engine Optimization!

Increase eBay Sales With Search Engine Optimization!
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I am sorry for speaking so fast, sometimes I get excited when discussing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I recommend you watch this video once a day for the next week, so you can practically memorize word by word.

This is the most important factor when trying to rank on Google period. If you have any questions, or if I wasn’t clear please let me know in the comment section.

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SEO Foundations

SEO Foundations
This introductory video kicks off the SEO portion of Market Motive’s Digital Marketing Foundations course.

In this intro video, SEO expert Danny Dover provides a taste of what you’ll learn in our Search Engine Optimization Foundations course: on-page and off-site optimization, keyword research, SEO measurement, and much more.

Packed with 3 hours of video, a collection of downloadable workbooks, and progress quizzes and tests, this SEO training is a great tutorial for beginners. You’ll gain a thorough understanding of the basics of SEO, and can begin to optimize your online presence right away!

And it’s just one part of the complete Digital Marketing Foundations course.

to learn about our Conversion Optimization Foundations course, and the entire collection of Digital Marketing Foundations mini-courses.

Already familiar with SEO? To learn about our more advanced SEO Certification Course, which is taught by seasoned expert Todd Malicoat, visit


The Digital Marketing Foundations course is made up of eight mini-courses, providing learners with core concepts, context, and vocabulary. It covers PPC, SEO, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Email Marketing.

The course is the required starting point for many of our agency and enterprise groups.

It’s also the perfect primer for managers, marketers, and business owners who need a sound understanding of a variety of disciplines.


Your instructor, accomplished SEO Danny Dover, is the best-selling author of “Search Engine Optimization Secrets”, and was the co-founder of Making It Click, a marketing training business, as well as the Senior SEO Manager at AT&T.,

SEO for Real Estate: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

SEO for Real Estate: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
In this video, we’re going to dive into the basics of search engine optimization for real estate. If you’re newer to online marketing, if you’re newer to getting web pages ranked well in Google, this is going to be a quick, kind of how it works training session.

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Learn SEO Basics Tutorial | Basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Learn SEO Basics Tutorial | Basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Want to learn the basics of SEO? Heard about SEO, but don’t know what it really is? From where do I learn SEO Basics? Well, this video is just for you! Get your hold on Search engine optimization basics, on how the search engine results actually work and why to optimize your website for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

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Beginners GuideTo SEO: Intro | Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Beginners GuideTo SEO: Intro | Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization
If you are wondering what search engine optimization is, then this 11 part guide is for you! In this series, I am going to cover EVERYTHING a beginner needs to know about SEO! Stay tuned because over the couple months we’ll be uploading a video a week for the series!

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¿Qué es el SEO y por qué usarlo para tener más vistas en Youtube?

¿Qué es el SEO y por qué usarlo para tener más vistas en Youtube?
En este video te cuento qué es el SEO (Search Engine Optimization) y por qué usarlo para tener más vistas en Youtube.

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