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viral marketing
Continuity Downline Viral Marketing Solutions
Continuity Downline
Viral Marketing Solutions


The Self Generating
Viral Traffic Machine

Every marketer knows that two things must be present to have success with any business!

1. Massive Organic Traffic
2. And Simple Duplication

We Have The Answer To Both

With our viral marketing training and simple duplication process
any leader or business can now provide its members or downline
With a massive amount of traffic and duplication that everyone can do at no extra cost other than their time!

If you can not duplicate the process that you use to get traffic and/or sign ups. Then your members or downline will not be able to grow and produce the earnings needed to stay the course!

We train each member simple steps to follow that produces duplication on the very first day.

This duplication causes a ripple of traffic across the internet that soon turns into a Tidal Wave of eager prospects signing up to your business.

These new members are then trained our Unique Viral Marketing System which continues the duplication process and a flood of traffic that never stops.

Not only do we provide the tested Training. We have also added a
Earn While You Learn Feature!

Our 50% referral bonus and 50% matching bonus makes us a top paying system online.

So not only will we train you how to make your content go viral, we provide the system tools for simple team duplication.

We also pay all members for learning and engaging in our system.

Earn While You Learn
With Our
Self Generating Viral Traffic Machine

Continuity Downline
Viral Marketing Solutions,

Russian Head-Transplant: FAKE! Viral Marketing Exposed!

Russian Head-Transplant: FAKE! Viral Marketing Exposed!
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Social Media Marketing and Viral Marketing in Canada

Social Media Marketing and Viral Marketing in Canada
Visit if you’re looking for inovative solutions and ways to increase your sales and revenues. Quebec Mobile is a leading social media marketing agency specializing in innovative and engaging social media campaigns, solutions and promotions.

We are uniquely positioned to help brick and mortars businesses integrate social media marketing and viral marketing strategies into their overall marketing campaign.

Quebec Mobile offers a large variety of services that responds to the ever growing marketing mobiles needs of business owners, and marketing managers., | Viral Marketing Series – Cinematic Teaser | Viral Marketing Series – Cinematic Teaser
Chuỗi video series ‘Viral Marketing’ từ 4 quyển sách marketing best-seller, tóm tắt cho bạn những kiến thức, kinh nghiệm và những câu chuyện đắt giá đã từng được lan truyền trên thế giới. Xin mời ghé xem các tập tại,

Viral Marketing NEW!

Viral Marketing NEW!
It is a small video about what Viral Marketing is and about the most popular ideas used in the recent viral ad videos. The video was made for the E-Marketing discipline of the post-graduation course in Marketing Management, IDEFE, edition N36 by Nina Chetverikova.

I would like to say thank you to my boyfriend Mário Leiria for his great help and constant support. And also many thanks to Ekaterina Komleva, Michael Becker and Natalia Hantsuk. I love you, people!

PS: All the videos used in the project are under the Creative Commons license. The music is from a royalty free website,

Viral Marketing – Wooshii – Viral Facts

Viral Marketing – Wooshii – Viral Facts
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A kinetic text animation to showcase why viral marketing is so relevant today

Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people. -William Butler Yeats

the world of advertising is changing

Over 28% of the worlds population can’t remember a world without the internet

20 hours of YT footage uploaded every minute or (“by the end of this video X hours of footage will have been uploaded to YT” ) [see how long the video is]

80% of US citizens watched an online video every month
World wide over a billion people watch YouTube every day

That s more than 5 times

CNN the BBC, Cartoon, Network, Fox, Discovery


10 % forwarded these video on

IF the star wars kid had earned 1 dollar for every view his video had received

He would be a billionaire

A full page in FHM can cost £21,000 with 230 000 readers thats £0.09 per engagement

1 30 seconds during the Simpsons in the US – 9,000 at 11 mil viewers thats £0.02 per viewer

90% of viewers who can will tivo those ads

Nintendo online Wii Fit ad received 9m views in 5 months at an estimated cost of £0.0000055 per person and falling

News of Swine flu was over a million time more viral than the virus itself

Queensland best Job in the world campaign Received 11 000 applicants

This coupon was apparently leaked
(image is here

It gave rise to more publicity for thresher in one season

and £15mil in sales

Than in an entire year

Hotmail spread virally to over 12 million subscribers in 2 years at a cost of {videoDescription}.02 per subscriber

They sold to Microsoft for 0 million !

Viral marketing is not a gimmick

Is there a buzz in the air about your product or service?,

Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Teasers! New Secret Viral Marketing Campaign Hidden in Update!

Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Teasers! New Secret Viral Marketing Campaign Hidden in Update!

There’s absolutely NO WAY this will be a coincidence. Watch the vid to find out why!


A Secret Black Ops 3 ARG in 2015? GKNOVA6 v2? (Cod: Zombies Theory):

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Anyone that think the next CoD game 2015 is going to be World at War 2 needs to look at the facts – Call of Duty Black Ops 3 teasers are upon us now, and the black ops 3 reveal and black ops 3 trailer should be with us in a matter of months now 😀

Looking for “Call of Duty Zombies”? Interested in the Call of Duty Zombies Storyline, or just fun zombie games in general? Maybe you’re in need of some Advanced Warfare Zombies, AKA Exo Zombies? Well… look no further!

As always, thanks for watching! Be sure to stick the LIKE button in your waffle iron and give it a good cookin’ if you enjoyed the video, and I’ll see you next time!

– Milo x,