Corporate Social Media Marketing: A Big Blind Spot for Major U.S. Corporations

Corporate Social Media Marketing: A Big Blind Spot for Major U.S. Corporations – Helping Small Businesses Create Big Buzz

It’s amazing to think how powerful social media is in the world of many small businesses and how they appeal to consumers. Some Mom and Pop brands have ultimately used social media to not only open doors for their business, but also to better keep their finger on the pulse of their customer’s needs, wants and opinions.

However, there is some shocking news out there right now in a form of a study compiled by Harris Interactive. Ultimately, the 2012 Zeno Digital Readiness Survey discusses executive attitudes, with over one-third having an “eh, what’s it to me?” mindset about social media and its impact on their business.

Largely, much of the study regarding corporate social media marketing was based on how the tool could effect a company’s online reputation. And it was B2B corporate leadership who seemed the most in the dark.

The study found:

Forty-three percent of executives at B2B corporations state they rarely consider their social media reputation when making decisions that impact their business. This figure decreased to 30 percent amongst B2C corporate execs.
In terms of actually addressing negative online content, B2Bs were the loser again, as the same 43 percent of B2B corporate executives noted that they could probably address a negative post from a customer via social media within 24 hours. Frankly, that is way too slow! Twenty-four hours is a veritable eternity in the world of social media!

What this study shows is that big companies simply do not understand the role of social media in their marketing strategy and serious effort needs to be made in 2013. At the same time, it is a full-time job. For more information about how Endless Leadz can help in your organization’s corporate social media marketing strategy, contact us today.,

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