Create DIY Three-Point Lighting for Your Video Marketing Studio

Create DIY Three-Point Lighting for Your Video Marketing Studio
Learn how to create professional quality videos with three-point lighting. For more tips on getting started with video marketing, check out this post:

Picture this: You’re filming your first piece of video marketing content. You’ve got the camera, a compelling script, and amazing talent. There’s just one problem — your studio’s lighting is less than ideal.

Exit unflattering fluorescent lighting, enter a video lighting setup.

A traditional video lighting setup is known as three-point lighting because, you guessed it, it’s comprised of three lights.

I know what you’re thinking — this seems complicated. I don’t know if my business has the time or resources to dedicate to setting this up. Is it really worth it?

Hear me out for a minute. Establishing a proper lighting setup doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

To equip your studio on a budget, pick up some extension cords, clamp lights, bulbs, and three light stands from Amazon or your local home improvement store.

Start by placing your key light at a 45 degree angle to the left or right of the subject. Raise it above your talent’s head and point it down. Make sure that this light is bright enough that it could serve as the only source of light for the scene.

Next, place your fill light at 45 degrees on the other side of your subject and position it just around eye level. Make sure this light is slightly dimmer than your key light by moving it back and diffusing it.

To create a DIY light diffuser, clip a clear shower curtain to the lamp with clothespins or clamps.

Finally, place your last light behind your subject and off to the side. This is called your back light. It should be aimed at the back of your talent’s head to create a subtle glow that separates them from the background.

Now turn down the room’s overhead light to avoid harsh glares. Test your lighting on camera and make adjustments.

Finally, start creating amazing videos! With your DIY three-point lighting setup, your videos are sure to look professional.,

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