First Steps in Video Marketing for Real Estate

First Steps in Video Marketing for Real Estate
What tools can you use to produce good quality video for your social media channels? Do you need to get yourself a fancy DSLR to put out something good? In this clip, you’ll learn about 3 different tools that will work very well for your video production.

You have to start establishing that trust and connection. If you can do that with video, you get a leg up on everybody, you’ve got a head start and you’re setting yourself apart right away. You don’t have to be a professional with video, being relatable is what will attract people.

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Amy also shared insights on;
Video setup and the tools you should use
Why you shouldn’t use a script or a teleprompter
Long-form vs. short-form content
The efficiency of video
The drawbacks of Instagram live video

This episode will give you the push you need to start experimenting with video. take plenty of notes!
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