FREE Facebook Marketing Course | Social Media Marketing with Facebook

FREE Facebook Marketing Course | Social Media Marketing with Facebook
FREE Facebook Marketing Course | Social Media Marketing with Facebook

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SEO is slow, Facebook is Fast. Websites are static, lead funnels are dynamic.Welcome to the modern era of social selling.’ And Facebook rules the roost in social selling. Cold-calling and SEO are going the way of the dinosaur for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups. Customers are more savvy and technology has become quite advanced in shutting your ad messages off. Your competitors have access to the same resources as you do.

You don’t have the time or the financial resources to wait for your SEO to kick in, nor do you have these same resources to hire an effective call center. Social Selling is your answer!

What Is My Competitive Advantage?

Real simple: Speed of execution with proven techniques. Possessing the knowledge is a small step forward, but without execution you are a smart guy or gal who is poor.

Social Selling is about leveraging paid social media advertising to build a sales funnel. As my dad taught me, “Fish Where the Fish Are!”

Your customers (the fish) are swimming in this giant lake called Facebook, as well as these rivers called YouTube and Email. This is where the lead generation opportunity begins, because spending money to take them out of the lake and rivers and then put them into your pond (website) is too expensive.

The apps that are getting the most usage is Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Gmail, and Instagram. All of these offer paid methods to reach people, or to reach them in a more intelligent fashion.

If you want quick, highly cost-effective results when it comes to lead generation and business development, then stop worrying about SEO and stop beating your head in with cold-calling. Social Selling on Facebook is the answer.

What Is A Dark Post?
These are hyper-targeted, unpublished posts such as a status update, landing page, video, or photo that was never meant to be shared as an organic post.

Staying true to its name, it’s never published publicly— it is only surfaces as an ad. We now have the ability to create as many ads as you want without spamming your followers. In other words, we can create hyper-targeted ads for every market segment without overloading your wall with each variation and version of your ad.
Imagine creating tailored messages for dentists, while also creating a slightly varied ad for CPAs. You can target your ads to sell the same product or service, all tailored to that audiences buttons. And they never know that you are making the same offer to other types of businesses. Hence, the post is “dark” to other audiences and to your general Facebook followers.

How Does It Work?
Highly targeted ads are placed to targeted audiences. The analytics of Facebook is unrivaled in reaching your best potential clients.

These individuals are typically directed to a landing page where an offer is used in exchange for an email address. This offering (often called a “freemium”) can be a free report, a free online course, a coupon, a complimentary consultation, etc. These are then followed up with automated emails, meant to nurture the leads into becoming new customers.

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