“Hong Kong Summer Spectacular: Cool Dancers Wanted” viral marketing campaign

“Hong Kong Summer Spectacular: Cool Dancers Wanted” viral marketing campaign
The focus of Hong Kong this year is the “Hong Kong Summer Spectacular” mega event (Jun-Aug 2010), featuring the three days of marvellous entertainment of Dragon Boat Carnival, and the ‘Summer Pop — Live in Hong Kong’ concert. During the period, visitors are also welcomed by the superb sales and unparalleled dining experience in Hong Kong.

Creative Idea and Innovation:
The core idea is to visualize the fun and excitement of the “Hong Kong Summer Spectacular” by producing a promotional music video (MV). The MV illustrates the happenings by the cool move of the dancers, such as the “Dragon Boat Dance”, “Summer Pop Dance”, “Crazy Shopping Dance” and “Yummy Dining Dance”. The dance is performed by an energetic group of dancers to demonstrate the joy in Hong Kong with friends.

To go further, we have held a “virtual audition” online to search for the coolest dancer all over the world. The global audition is actually a gimmick to make the campaign eye catching, and everyone is invited to join no matter they can dance or not. The participant is simply required to submit their own photo, and they will become the dancer of the “Hong Kong Summer Spectacular” music video and compete for the “Cool Dancer Award”!

The innovation is enabled by the video mapping technology developed, the facial images submitted by user is converted into 3D imagery and map into the dancing music video in real time.,

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