How To SEO Your Ebay Store Categories

How To SEO Your Ebay Store Categories
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How to edit your ebay store categories for better SEO … The key to selling more items on eBay is to get more eyes or visits to your listings.

To get more visits to your listings you can SEO your listings for the Cassini eBay search engine, SEO your pictures for better search results and if you own a store you can also SEO or optimize your keywords in your store categories.

Step 1 – Go To Your eBay Store
Step 2 – Click on Manage Your Store
Step 3 – Left hand side bar – Click on Edit Keywords
Step 4 – Right Hand Side Bar – Click on edit
Step 5 – Follow the input fields provided.
Step 6 – Save

Now you have helped to SEO your ebay store Categories with the best keywords for the listings you have up and running.

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