How to Write Title Tags For Search Engine Optimization

How to Write Title Tags For Search Engine Optimization
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How to Using Title Tags.
Title tags are extremely important to SEO.  They’re the extremely important part of on page SEO. The title tag is basically any search result that shows up for whatever phrase in this case “golf training aids”, the blue underlined link that you’re going to see within the search results, within the organic results, those all pulled from the title tag.  Most of the time, the website is ranking there, have a keyword phrase somewhere in their title tag. So, by doing the all in title search parameters within Google and you can see how you can do that. Because I took a screen shot here. It gives you the better understanding of the real competition. Because, if they are not optimizing their page for “golf training aids”,  they’re not a competition you want to worry about when you’re doing your keyword effectiveness research. 
It is whatever keyword phrases that you find a target, you go to Google and you do exactly like I have here. All in title :”The keyword phrase”. What does that, again, is only pull out the results that have that phrase in the title tags.  It is very important way to do your keyword research. So, I’ll go back and do the exact same research. 
“Golf training aids”, again, number of searches, when you do the actual keyword in the title tag, which means, that will be the phrase that you would want to target. Because, with minimal SEO, you can actually get a good ranking, and you can do this for all the keywords when you use the keyword tools we mentioned earlier.      
So, this is a really cool tool. Because it is going to actually tell you right now which keyword to go after. That means, there is only 2550 sites, they sound like a lot, but that is not that  many competing sites for the phrase “cheap golf shoes”. That means with some good SEO and a good website you can actually get lots of targeted visitors they’re looking for the phrase “cheap golf shoes”. You could sell them on additional shoes, you can tell them on, you know, your own set of shoes. You could basically let them know: “Hey, would you like to improve your golf game?”  Because they want shoes, they’re more likely to purchase a product related to that. So, there’s ways you could leverage those visitors. 
Again this keyword phrase is roughly 5 times easier to rank for, based on the system and the message. That means here, as you can see, cheap golf shoes and these are all shoes that you could sell. You know it is some results come up. You know some people actually already picked up on this and optimized for this phrase that have pages related to this very topic, and you noticed this is what you’re looking for, when you do title search, where my arrows pointing, you see about 2550 results according to Google there. 
Consider also doing like a short video about this keyword phrase as an example. Consider using a spreadsheet to help organize keyword research data. So, you know which phrase to target first, which phrase that have content created around, which phrase to incorporate into your website, and all of those things. So, I would take all your keywords you found that you want to target maybe it’s 50 or 100 keywords you decided, and you’ve extracted using the keyword methods we used, put those into a spreadsheet and go down the list for better keyword using.,

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