Internet Video Statistics – Why Video Marketing is for Everyone

Internet Video Statistics – Why Video Marketing is for Everyone
Whether you’re using it for marketing purposes, education or entertainment, video is now the primary medium for communication on the internet, and it’s never been more accessible or easier to produce.

We specialize in Social Media Videos that will have a maximum impact on your online marketing campaign.

Consider this: since you started reading, 40 hours of new video were uploaded to YouTube, and more than 1.8 million -other- videos besides this one were watched by everybody else – that’s part of the reason why Youtube has been the second most popular search engine since 2009.

Since then, video has gone from 1 Billion online viewers per day to over 4 Billion (you read it right, 4 BILLION), and this is projected to continue increasing in the coming years.

If you have a business you’re probably wondering whether online video is right for you. Here’s the rub: no other medium communicates more, in less time, and with better results. But, does it matter what kind of video is used? ABSOLUTELY.

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  1. Whoever provided the voice over is clearly an American doing a benighted
    version of (what is supposed to be) an English accent. Is that a tip
    someone heard somewhere, that a generic ‘cockney’ accent is more accessible
    to an audience? The animation isn’t bad but, as an English viewer, I found
    the voiceover gimmicky and insulting. 

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