LinkedIn Video Marketing

LinkedIn Video Marketing
Our LinkedIn Video Marketing service can help you make more money by utilising cutting-edge video production and a unique mail system which targets responsive portions of your ideal audience.

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Do you need to increase more sales? Establish new clients and increase revenue for your business?

With StraightSource, we deliver high quality leads to your business by combining the very best marketing solutions: Direct Connect-Lead Generation, Video Marketing and Follow-up Calling. We have integrated each solution into one powerful marketing trident.

This is a totally unique, powerful and cutting edge service that will increase your revenues quickly, and effectively.

Phase 1: Working with you, we will create a powerful, professional video to showcase your product or service, generating a strong interest with your prospects.

Phase 2: Using LinkedIn, we will create a prospect list based by region, industry, company size, and titles. Sending out thousands of personal Inmail messages to your targeted prospects.

Phase 3: Using our On-shore US based lead generators we will follow up your prospects within 24 hours of them receiving your personal LinkedIn message. With the objective to set up a appointments to meet with you!
All leads will be screened, qualified as a target account, and be interested in speaking or meeting with you!

World Class returns on investment!

For example, if a standard sale in you company is ,000, in a 30 day period we will generate 100+ qualified interested prospects. Who have set appointments to meet with you or your sales team closing 10% of those 100 leads… that’s 0,000 in direct revenue; at a cost of less then 0 per lead or a 19X Return on Investment!

Plus… 80% of leads who express an interest but do not buy, will return in the next 24 months.

We have successfully helped all types of small, medium and large enterprise businesses dramatically increasing their revenue along with proving a fantastic ROI on new their business acquisition costs.

It’s a total marketing solution!

To find out how we can help your business please contact StraightSource today.,

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