Local Business Listings For SEO | What, Where & Why

Local Business Listings For SEO | What, Where & Why
Local Business Listings For SEO | What, Where & Why

Local Business Listings For SEO | What, Where & Why Your Business Needs It

You’ve heard you need some business listings for your local business? But why should you listen?

Local business listings, such as that from yellow pages, oneflare, true local plus the plethora of other business directories out there. Should you get your business listed on them?

We say YES.

In our experience – from an SEO perspective – these local business directories push relevant power over to your site – helping the search engines rank it better.

The more relevant these business directories – the better effect they will have on your SEO efforts, for example if you own a plumbing company in Sydney, having your business listed on a plumbers directory in Sydney will provide your site with so much relevant and local power – it’ll be for the search engines to not take notice.

Or course not all directory sites are created equal, and you don’t just want to go out there and list your site in 10000 different places – you must choose the ones that are most relevant to your niche.

Check out our resources section – the link is below – inside you’ll find our list of the top 20 local business citations every Australian business should have.

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