Local Maps Directory Business Listings Explanation

Local Maps Directory Business Listings Explanation
In this video, we cover for those who want to understand how exactly a directory listing online through any major search engine.

As a business owner, making the effort to engage with some of the top search engines can benefit virtually any type of business or entity in sometimes unmeasurable ways. However, you must know how to do it correctly.

It sometimes may be vital for your company to make sure that your business has these pieces of information about your business listed online in order to keep these listings current:

– Business Name
– Business Address
– Business Phone Number
– Brand
– Design
– Social feeds
– Business Owner experience or Years-in-Business
– Specialized Accredited Credentials
– The different services that you provide

1 – First, claim any existing auto-generated listings online by you or a manager as the primary official of the business.

If your listing was auto-generated after you started your business, you may have published your business online by the state, city, or yellow pages directories.

Often times, this information was updated online as a point of reference.

Whether or not you own one of the following:

– home-based local service
– franchise
– mom & pops shop
– wholesaler
– non-profit organization
– professional practice
– corporate firm

These intelligent search platforms may have created a listing for your business based on any kind of information published about your business to help you along with all of the tools that they provide.

This means that you may very well have generic listing on these networks already.

Because they are platforms that crawl business data and sift through what they think should be posted in their physical business maps directory it may be wise to claim the listing.

As an act of courtesy, they will publish what they assume is a real business in their own search engine only.

Since many businesses currently interact online in some way, it can help to know that the information above that is shown is correct.,

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