Marketing Minute 064: “Overcoming Social Media Marketing Challenges” (Marketing Tactics)

Marketing Minute 064: “Overcoming Social Media Marketing Challenges” (Marketing Tactics)
The biggest challenges social media marketers face are to get people to see, care about, and engage with their social media content. To overcome these challenges, you need to create content that is interesting, informative, and sharable.

First, to create interesting content, you need to know your audiences. You have to understand not only what they find interesting, but how they like to receive their information. Is it written? Verbal? Visual? Fast-paced? Relaxed? Present the right material in the right way and they’ll find interest in your content.

Second, to get people truly involved, help them become more informed. But to create informative content you need to understand what your audience knows and, more importantly, understand what they don’t know. At that point, you can help them learn, improve, and progress in a way that’s meaningful to them.

Finally, to create sharable content, you need to learn what motivates your audiences emotionally. What drives them? What are their passions? What excites or angers or thrills them?

To develop social media that’s interesting, informative, and sharable, you need to know your market, understand what they need to learn, and find out what motivates them.

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