Mobile Business Directory – Mobile SEO – Mobile Marketing

Mobile Business Directory – Mobile SEO – Mobile Marketing
Increase the reach of your business in the mobile web by submitting your mobile website, business, web app or native app to our directory.

We are happy to introduce to you our new Mobile Link(Business) Directory. The idea is to help businesses of all sizes increase their reach in the mobile web. This is especially useful for small businesses who maybe don’t have the resources for mobile website developement, mobile marketing or mobile SEO. You can list your business for example if your website is not mobile ready yet or if you don’t have a website at all. Each listing is a small mobile friendly webpage and you can even add Google Maps so your customers can find you easily when they are using their mobile devices.

Our Services:

Separate pages for listings and companies in SEO and mobile SEO format.

Responsive website layout optimized for all mobile devices.

Sharing of listing pages on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

The possibility to upload a picture or a logo.

Google Maps integration.

Free and featured listings.,

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