Montina Portis on Fox 17 Nashville – Video Marketing Business Expert

Montina Portis on Fox 17 Nashville – Video Marketing Business Expert
Montina Portis – Media Inquiries
NASHVILLE, Tenn.– Montina Portis joins FOX 17 This Morning with a story of inspiration and overcoming obstacles. Montina was a homeless, single mom who was abandoned by her own mother when she was just 18-months-old. With her father in prison serving a 20 year sentence, Montina found herself on the streets with a child to care for and a second child on the way. She still managed to get her GED, graduated with a master’s degree and build her first home. Today, Montina owns her own video marketing agency, proving no matter who you are or where you are from, anything is possible. Montina shares some of her strategies for success and making money online. Montina says buying something someone else has created and selling on a site where customers are already available is one simple strategy for earning an income. Secondly, Montina says you can make something yourself and sell it online. One such example is a lotion which she created and sold at a flea market. After making ,000 in 20 days, she reinvested the money online and has earned over 0,00. Lastly, Montina told FOX 17 providing a service by consulting, coaching or giving advice is another way to put your skills to use and earn a living. Montina has written a book filled with her experience and insight titled “How to Grow a Passive Income in 20 Simple Steps.” Viewers can also go to for advice where she will answer questions.

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