OC Creative Media – Product Video Marketing

OC Creative Media – Product Video Marketing

If your product could speak what would it say to a potential customer? What would it do to look and be irresistible? We offer a solution that will make your product a rock star.

OC Creative Media delivers entertaining and value-centered product videos that elevate you above the competition. As a full service video production company, our creativity, marketing leadership and technical mastery combine in producing stylish visual content for any product or service. Advancing your brand image and market share is our mantra.

Importance of Video Marketing:
In the ever-changing world of digital media, you need a cutting edge video marketing service that sees the big picture. OC Creative Media provides up to six different types of video presentations that connects you with your audience and drives profitable results.

Product Videos:
The product video showcases unique design and features. This is achieved by blending beautifully crafted shots with cutting edge visual and audio effects. The focus is to show your product – giving the customer an in-depth view of its differentiation points.

360 Product Videos:
Shifting now to the latest approach in video marketing, the 360 product video gives customers a three-dimensional view of your product. With this effect, they see every small detail as if they were holding it in their hand, which enhances the overall interactive experience.

On-Location Videos:
From 360 views to an actual work place setting, the on-location product video gives customers an exclusive view of your product in action. This demonstrates the product’s functions, benefits and size while doing what it does best.

Hosted Videos:
The next step to raise the bar in showcasing your product is using a spokesperson. With a confident and inviting presence, the spokesperson explains and demonstrates the special features and benefits of your product. OC Creative Media offers professional hosts who provide clear, accurate and easy to follow product instructions. This presentation fosters a customer’s confidence in your product before even making the purchase.

How-To Videos:
Another approach in positioning your product as a brand leader and number one solution is clearly articulating how it solves a problem. The how-to video provides customers entertaining and easy-to-follow advice that gives valuable knowledge and builds confidence in the product. When customers begin a web-search on “How to…” find the best solution, our video will be the first thing they will see.

Testimonials reinforce brand messages through the customer’s own words. This candid feedback motivates potential customers to relate on a more personal level with the video. They see how real, everyday users feel about the product.

OC Creative media is committed to delivering high quality video content to help you reach the widest audience possible. To learn more and speak to a member of our team, please visit occreativemedia.com.,

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