Online Business Listings And Reviews Services From CI Web Group

Online Business Listings And Reviews Services From CI Web Group
Online Business Listings & Reviews Services from CI Web Group

Is your business on the map? Most businesses spend a lot of money for their brick and mortar location. And often, businesses pay even more money for a high traffic location.

Imagine this: You have 10 million potential customers that walk or drive by your front door every year. Sounds pretty good right? On the other hand Google receives over 5 Billion searches a day. That’s potentially huge exposure for your business! However, you have to be properly positioned!

Online business listings are a powerful tool that will help improve your online presence… and put you on the map!

You don’t have to pay enormous prices for real estate on the internet. In fact… all links are created equal. So it’s just a matter of doing the right things… at the right time… in the right order.

Once you have a properly optimized and efficient website… taking advantage of business listings are usually the next logical next step in your online marketing efforts.

So you might be asking yourself… “Where do I begin”? Where do I go to list my business?

Did you know there are around 85 credible business listing websites out there? Sure you can spend a lot of time searching them out and adding your information to each one… or you can allow CI Web Group to do the work for you.

We’ve put together the tools you need to measure and manage your online business listings, easily, efficiently… and most of all effectively!

CI Web Groups business listings service will manage your digital presence in online maps, directories and apps. It’s is all about
control and results for your business. You get control of your information on dozens of critical local search sites… and you get to enhance your listings with photos, descriptions, and specials so you stand out from the pack. We track the results with full analytics on your local search performance. And best of all… we monitor and report what customers are saying about you.

To learn more about our business listings service service, you can view our video demo, or go straight to… fill out the request consultation form… and we’ll begin taking steps to help you obtain your prime, online real estate.,

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