Online Business Listings Scotts Valley

Online Business Listings Scotts Valley Online Business Listings Scotts Valley There are several reasons why we think Local Directory Marketing is very important for your business. But first let me point out that it is not for every business. Businesses that do not service a specific area or do not have a physical address will be better served spending their marketing dollars in other areas. That being said, for almost every other business this will be a good value.

There are many ways to be found, but some of the top ways are Search Engines (like Google or YouTube or even Yahoo or Bing), Social Media Sites (Like Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or Google+), and Local Directories (like Super Pages, Yellow Pages, Yelp, Merchant Circle– and hundreds more).

Local Directory Listings help you in several ways. First, if your business is on Local Directory Listings then your business website will have a much better chance of showing up higher in search results. Second, people actually search these Local Directories to find your business (or someone else who does what you do.) Especially now that many people search with their phones, local directory listings become more and more important. Those sites have a lot of weight in search engines. It is easy for an algorithm to check to see if your business is near the person who is searching.

Third, if you do not claim, update and maintain your local listings, anyone can. Hopefully, you do not have a competitor, ex-employee, or ex-spouse who wants to cause damage to your business, but it is very easy to have outdated or wrong information on your local directory listings. And lastly, there is a part of the Google Search algorithm that hardly anyone talks about and that is Citations. Citations are defined as mentions of your business name, address, phone number, even if there is no link to your website. Other factors being equal, the business with the greater amount of citations will probably rank higher. They increase the certainty that the search engine has your right contact information and category.,

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