Online Video Marketing & Youtube Statistics 2017

Online Video Marketing & Youtube Statistics 2017
Online Video Marketing & YouTube Statistics 2017. Check out our website at for more information about how video marketing can help your business.

In today’s online video marketing for small businesses video I am going to show you how powerful using video in your marketing can be.

Are you underestimating the power of online videos to grow your business?

2017 Video Marketing Statistics you should know

Here are some facts you should know:

Videos On Landing Pages Increase Conversions By 86%

Emails That Include Video Can Increase Click Through Rates By 90%

Videos Improve Understanding Of Your Product Or Service By 74%

75% Of Viewers Visit The Marketer’s Website After View A Video

100 Million Internet Users Watch Videos Online Every Day

In fact, 1/3 Of All The Time Users Spend Online Is Spent Watching Videos

80% Of Website Visitors Will Watch A Short Video All The Way Through
While Only 20% Will Read All Of The Written Content

52% Of Consumers Say That Watching Product Videos Makes Them More Confident In Purchase Decisions

64% Of Consumers Are More Likely To Buy A Product After Watching A Video About It

Online Videos Are Shared 1200% More Than Text and Links COMBINED

It Is 50x Easier To Achieve a Page 1 Ranking On Google With A Video

The Information Retained In One Minute Of Online Video Is Equal To About 1.8 Million Written Words

The Average User Spends 88% More Time On a Website With Video

But videos are not limited to your website…

2017 YouTube Stats and Facts

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd Largest Search Engine Online – Right Behind Google?

More than ONE BILLION Users Visit YouTube Each Month

More Than 6 BILLION Hours of Video Are Watched Each Month

300 Hours of Video Are Uploaded to YouTube Every Minute

Videos & Mobile : Mobile Video Facts and Stats for 2017

As mobile usage continues to grow, so does online video…

50%f YouTube Views Are On Mobile Devices

Mobile Shoppers Are 3 Times More Likely to Watch A Video Than Desktop And Laptop Users

92% Of Mobile Video Viewers Share Videos With Others

33% Of Tablet Owners Watch One Hour Of Video Per Day On Their Devices

Online Video Marketing Increase Sales

70% Of Marketers Say That Video Performs Better Than Other Content For Producing Conversions…

YET Millions of Small Businesses Still Aren’t Using Them

Benefits of Using Online Videos in Your Business

But as you can see, online videos can help you:

– Increase website traffic
– Increase phone calls and in-store traffic
– Build brand awareness
– Build authority and credibility
– Increase sales and conversions

By 2018, it is predicted that 79% of ALL internet traffic will be VIDEO…

Do you have your video marketing strategy in place?
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And I’ll see you in the next video.

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Online Video Marketing Statistics 2017

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