What Video Marketing Metrics Should You Pay Attention To?

What Video Marketing Metrics Should You Pay Attention To?
After you share your first marketing video there are a lot of things that you can measure, but which analytics are the best indicators of whether the message you are trying to send is being heard?
If you’re trying to use video to push your sales and marketing teams forward, you need to spend your time measuring these 3 metrics.

Who watches your video and how long they watched (Engagement – Awareness)
Who Rewatches your video (Consideration)
And Click through rate (Action),

Selling Shirts with Keyword Research and On Page Search Engine Optimization

Selling Shirts with Keyword Research and On Page Search Engine Optimization
http://compelstore.com/marketing-your-website/keyword-research-page-seo – In this video tutorial we are going to discuss keyword research to help drive traffic to your apparel product pages, and increase sales. Keyword research will tell us what words people are searching that relate to buying shirts and other garments.

After we have that information we will look at the quick and easy process of updating our pages to utilize this information when Search Engines are deciding where and how to index our pages in their search results (SEO).

To do keyword research you will need a Free Google Adwords Account. http://www.google.com/adwords,

Is Your Social Media Marketing Working? Here’s How to Track Your Social Media Efforts

Is Your Social Media Marketing Working? Here’s How to Track Your Social Media Efforts
Do you ever wonder if your social media efforts are amounting to anything? Learn how to measure your social media efforts.
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You’re on Facebook, and you’re on Twitter. You’re on Instagram. Heck, you’re on all the main social sites out there. But you want to be popular, and you’re not getting enough traffic or popularity or fans. What should you be doing?

Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to be sharing with you the main social media metrics you should be tracking.

See, before you could be doing well on the social web, you need to figure out if you’re doing the right things or not.

If you’re not tracking the right metrics, you won’t know if you’re doing the right things or if something’s wrong or if things are going well and you just need to give it more time.

So let’s go over some of the metrics you should be tracking.

The first metric you should be tracking is the number of new fans you’re getting on a consistent basis.

Not just total count, but how many new ones are you getting on a weekly basis? So you can do daily, you can do weekly, you can do monthly, but the goal is to have more and more added every single month.

And here’s what I mean by this. Let’s say you start off with zero fans and the next month you add in 100.

Well, the next month after if you add in another 100, that’s not that great, because you already had 100.

You want to be growing faster and faster month over month. So if you added 100 the first month, then 150, then 250, then 500, that’s great because your growth rate is increasing.

But if your growth rate is decreasing, in which you’re only adding 100 each month, that means you’re not growing at a fast pace, and eventually, you’re going to cap out. So, keep track of your followers and fans.

And also, this is the second metric, keep track of your competitors’ growth.

Your competitors could be growing faster or slower than you.

You ideally want them to be growing slower. If they’re growing faster, that just means they’re doing something you’re not, and you’re going to get your butt handed to you.

You want to be beating your competitors. You can use socialblade.com.

It’s a free tool that shows you how fast you’re growing compared to how fast your competitors are growing.

The third metric that you want to be doing is you need to be tracking engagement.

How many comments are you getting per Facebook post? How many people are liking your stuff? How many people are retweeting? How many people are sharing your content on LinkedIn?

If that percentage is going down, that means you’re not building a thriving community that’ll help your content go viral. You want loyal followers. And the way you do this and the way you cultivate this is you respond to people, engage.

If you go to my Facebook page or my Twitter profile, I do try to engage with people. Sure, I can’t respond to everyone, but I do. When someone gives me a message on Facebook, I do try to respond to them.

That helps me build a much more loyal audience.

The last metric I have for you that you need to be tracking is how much content are you pushing out there.

Right, if you’re not pushing out content, pieces, status updates. It doesn’t have to be stuff from your business. It could just be industry stuff or educational base that you’re trying their help people out.

If you’re not putting out a lot of information, I’m talking about multiple times a day; you’re not going to be building a thriving community.

I try to post multiple times a day on all my social profiles, and I track my competitors, and I make sure I post just as much as them, if not more

Track those metrics, and you’ll get a good idea of if you’re growing. Sure, in the end, you can base it off of traffic and sales, and in your Google Analytics you can see if you’re getting more social traffic and more sales, but when you’re starting off, you’re not going to see much traffic.

You’re not going to see much sales. So by following the metrics that I just gave you, you’ll know if you’re going in the right direction, and eventually, you should be doing well as long as all those metrics are increasing and looking good.,

12 Things you should know about Video Marketing – Genius – Digital Advertising Agency

12 Things you should know about Video Marketing – Genius – Digital Advertising Agency
Genius Marketing Advertising Agency | Pyramids Films

We design empowering experiences that help our clients stand out, build relationships, win loyalty, and inspire action. Genius Marketing is on the forefront of integrating branding with an innovative design, the latest technology, and a social purpose to help companies and organizations get their message through.

12 Things you should know about Video Marketing

1 – The average users spends 88% more time on a website with Video
2 – 78% of people watch at least once a week
3 – More than 3 out of 5 Consumers -Will spend at least – 2 minutes Watching a video about a product That they plan to PURCHASE
4 – 88% Either share or forward a video
5 – In 2017, video traffic will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic
6 – Within the next five years online video production Will account for more than one third of all online advertising spending
7 – More than 500 Years of youtube videos Are watched every day
8 – Over 700 Youtube videos Are shared on Twitter Every Minute
9 – Video builds Trust
10 – Video Builds Credibility
11 – Video Builds Relationships
12 – Video Builds Sales

Click for More Info http://a1genius.com/video/

We are a highly Creative & Effective [ Digital ] Advertising Agency based in Montreal, Canada with Associate offices in Paris and Johannesburg.

Our Capabilities
Advertising – Brand Idendity – Branded Entertainment – Content Marketing – Digital – Social – Mobile – Interactive – Experimental


Football in China : a nice viral Marketing Campaign

Football in China : a nice viral Marketing Campaign
A local Brand design this Campaign a Freestyle Football campaign for the Chinese market and it is pretty good.

Video is the trend in China : moe information

New Marketing Trends in China !


How to Optimize Images for SEO in 2017

How to Optimize Images for SEO in 2017
http://www.loriballen.com – Lori Ballen shares her online marketing tips that have lead her to build and even sell several successful businesses through internet lead generation and team systems.

Learn SEO for Real Estate at home with the complete learning system at http://www.theballenmethod.com

Get your own Real Estate Website at http://www.BallenBrands.com,

Tutorial on How to Perform Facebook Tagging for Business Create Viral Marketing

Tutorial on How to Perform Facebook Tagging for Business Create Viral Marketing
http://www.facebook.com/clickcom http://www.clickcom.com http://blog.clickcom.com A how to instructional video for tagging your Facebook Friends or Fan Pages using the status tag feature. This Video was produced by John DiCristo for the continued education of our prospects and cleints.

To tag a friend or fan page, type the @ symbol in your status update and then immediately start typing the friend or fan page you want to tag. A drop-down menu will appear from which you can choose the person or page you want to tag. We will continue the series with how to attract fans!, marketing strategies, tips, set up, applications, business model, and make sales using Facebook.com for business large and small.,