Online Video Marketing Trends 2014 – Animation Video

Online Video Marketing Trends 2014 – Animation Video
Life has become fast and busy,people have become more web savvy on internet.
video is where your customers are spending time,video marketing is the latest trend
Video marketing is getting bigger and bigger.A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. The chances of getting page one listing on google search increase by
53 times with video.On average a visitor will stay 2 minutes longer when they a
watch a video.
By 2017 video will be 90% of all internet traffic.87% online
marketers use videos.65% visit the website after viewing video And make purchase decision.
Over 1 billion unique users visit youtube everymonth.87% social media users follow thier brand’s videos.Posts with video links will attract 3x more videos.Online videos are 100% more social engaging.

Video marketing can get you

*More click through rate
*More exposure
*More social engagement
*46% More conversion lift
*139% More brand impact

If your brand doesn’t produce online videos

*Start Now*

We are experts in creating online videos.

We are experts in
*Explainer Videos
*WhireBoard Animations
*Typhography Videos
*Inforgraphic Videos
*Promotional Videos
*Training Videos

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On the Internet today, video reigns supreme.No other form of web content offers the same level of audience engagement and emotional connection.

Learn more about harnessing the near-universal appeal of video to connect With your customers and enhance your brand.

In fact, by 2016, online video will be the largest generator of consumer Internet traffic worldwide.

Everyday, 75 million U.S. Internet users watch videos online.
83% of U.S. Internet users watch Online video atleast once per month.
Top consumer:18-24 years olds
Avg.Number of videos: 213/month
Avg.viewing time:19.2 hours/month
Most Popular Video Ever Gangnam Style”by PSY Over 1.7 billion Youtube Views
By 2016,online video will drive 55% of all consumer
Internet traffic worldwide.
Global online video users in 2016(projected)1.5 billion.

Top Online video platform:
Youtube (188 billion streams/year) over 1 billion unique visitors/month

2nd hulu(8.9 billion streams/year)
3rd Vevo(7.6 billion streams/year)

Video Marketing:The Perfect Pairing
Why invest in video content?

improve consumer engagement

Embedded video content can increase website traffic by up to 55%
Videos posted on Facebook increase viewer engagement with brand pages by 33%

Increase awareness of your brand
Online Audiences choose to watch 13.2 million video advertisements per day.
92% of mobile video viewers will share videos with others.

Reap the SEO benefits
Website posts with embedded video draw 3X more inbound links
Video is the #1 priority for marketers 76% plan to add video to their online
brand presence.

Make the Best of online video

Include a creative “hook” in the first 10 seconds. 20% of viewers will stop
watching a video within the first 10 seconds

Get your video endorsed .A high profile celebrity re-tweet could launch
your video to viral status.

Appeal to universal emotions
The most effective videos are hilarious,deeply moving,or totally unexpected.

Stay in touch via social media
viewers as most likely to discover and share videos through social networks

Produce quality content on a regular schedule
37% of brand channels have not been updated for over 120 days.
50% Successful brands tend to have 50% more videos than their competitors.
Include a link to your website to direct viewer traffic once the video ends.

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How to Configure Wix SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Website Builders Critic

How to Configure Wix SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Website Builders Critic
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Social Media Marketing and Viral Marketing in Canada
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YouTube Ad Buying & Video Marketing Platform | Pixability

YouTube Ad Buying & Video Marketing Platform | Pixability Pixability is an award-winning, patent-pending, YouTube ad buying and video marketing platform for media professionals.

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YouTube is rapidly encroaching upon the territory historically claimed by TV advertising. Not only are advertisers moving their budgets to YouTube based on the highly active user base that is constantly growing on the video sharing site, but also because of AdWords for Video’s ability to hyper-target audiences based on age and gender demographics, the interests of viewers, and their viewing patterns. This granularity provides for an efficiency unachievable through TV advertising.

Pixability harnesses this power and presents it in an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand platform that integrates with existing systems and workflows without missing a beat. It’s a smarter way to reach the viewers that advertisers and brands care about. And with clear and precise reporting data, Pixability is the best way to optimize campaigns, gaining the most views and conversions for your ad dollar.

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Pixability is an advertising and video marketing platform for YouTube that enables agencies and brands to run better YouTube campaigns. Pixability’s patent-pending technology helps media professionals plan smarter placements, run faster campaigns and see better results. Used by many of the world’s largest online video advertisers, Pixability is headquartered in Boston with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and London.

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Music by Haelphon, | Viral Marketing Series – Cinematic Teaser | Viral Marketing Series – Cinematic Teaser
Chuỗi video series ‘Viral Marketing’ từ 4 quyển sách marketing best-seller, tóm tắt cho bạn những kiến thức, kinh nghiệm và những câu chuyện đắt giá đã từng được lan truyền trên thế giới. Xin mời ghé xem các tập tại,

Best Social Media Marketing Services – YOUR One Stop Shop for Everything :)

Best Social Media Marketing Services – YOUR One Stop Shop for Everything 🙂
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The concept of marketing your business online using innovative social media marketing services is fast catching the trend. In fact, many companies have already started using these services for the betterment of their online business.

If you are new to Social Media Marketing (SMM) marketing trend, here are few significant points to get assistance in better understanding of how social media optimization and networking aids in marketing your business:

Social Media optimization and marketing helps in starting online viral session, which spreads across the Internet by the word of mouth and adds real time difference in all prospects of your business. Since speed of propagation is high here, many big and small business owners make use of social media marketing business to perpetuate their profits.

Social Media marketing is an effective resource of increasing awareness of business across the globe and also helps in bringing together real time benefits over short period of time. Here, awareness of business spread through online viral marketing will enhance reaping of benefits.

Social media marketing services are effective in letting online audience know about all benefits of your products/services and they eventually buy them. Therefore, with the help of effective social media networking, you will be transforming online audience into prospective customers and then finally converting them to real time customers.

Prominent Types of Social Media Marketing Services:

While you have decided to get ready with social media marketing, it becomes quite significant here to know as to which type of social media can give your business the real time impetus.

Marketing Your Business via YouTube

YouTube has come up as a viable social media marketing tool for many big and small business owners. Watching a video which describes your products and services is smart way of interacting directly with potential online customers. YouTube product videos add interactive means to make potential customers aware about your products through the video demonstrations, and the reach is quite enormous.

Marketing Your Business via Facebook

Facebook has turned out to be creative and innovative way of doing online business where online thread is created and people start connecting via the thread. In order to have an effective and successful Facebook account working, you need to hire professional services of Social Media Marketing Agency.

Marketing Your Business via Twitter

Twitter has turned out to be an amazing social media marketing medium for businesses to propagate their products and services. Twitter has broad and diversified online businesses.

Go along with Social Media Marketing Services and you’ll always cherish this business strategy. The marketing using social networking sites require time, well planned strategy and complete knowledge that is why it is important to hire social media marketing agency to market you business through social media marketing.

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Make a Professional Website #11 — Search Engine Optimization for WordPress

Make a Professional Website #11 — Search Engine Optimization for WordPress — best web host — OVER 50% OFF! — My Boring Channel’s Website — How to Make a Blog

In this video, the 11th in my series on how to make a professional website using WordPress, I show you how to improve your site’s SEO, or search engine optimization. After utilizing these tips, your google rank, as well as any other search engine rankings, should improve dramatically.

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