San Diego Real Estate Video Marketing Experts SD Aerial Media

San Diego Real Estate Video Marketing Experts SD Aerial Media
This video highlights a few of the real estate properties we have shot for our clients as well as a narration describing the benefits of using video for real estate. Our company uses a variety of tools to accomplish our goals. For equipment we have a small fleet of aerial drones which allow us to capture stunning aerial drone video and still photographs. On all of our projects our clients are given all of the aerial still photos to be used on the MLS as well as their print and online marketing efforts. The aerial drone photos are color corrected and exported in both low res for the MLS and high resolution for print media.

Our main area of expertise is in our video marketing content. We offer a variety of real estate video options that fit most any budget. Many of the projects in this video utilized our full production team and incorporated actors or “talent” to help achieve the story we are telling. Using talent is a great way to tell the story of a property allowing the viewer to be interested and engaged while experiencing the home. Granted not all properties warrant this type of production. Typically the higher price point homes will use this style and we bring out all the stops with full lighting crew, on set designer, wardrobe, makeup etc…

For the majority of listings we don’t incorporate talent. The home is shot and the home is 100% the focus. The main reason to not use talent would be the price point of the home does not justify spending that amount of money.

Clients often ask if we travel outside of San Diego County for our real estate videos, absolutely we do. We service Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and the San Francisco Bay Area. If you have a project outside of California we can certainly take on any project.

SD Aerial Media
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