Search Engine Optimization for Professionals – Google page 1

Search Engine Optimization for Professionals – Google page 1
Search Engine Optimization is critical for any business professional that wants to be found online in a typical Google search. This video will show you an example of two techniques I used in Search Engine Optimization for a local business, in this case an attorney in California.

There are two things you can do to get higher up in the Google Search rankings without altering your website. The goal being page 1.

1). 100% accurate directory listings with your NAP (business name, address location and phone). In this example I submitted this attorney’s NAP to over 200+ of the most trusted and respected directories all across the US and did so at what is called “the data level”. This is yet another rung up the ladder of trust by Google. The results typically will launch you into the 7-pack of businesses on page one of a Google Search. You’ll see this example in this video.

examples of directories I use include:
Apple Maps

According to Wikipedia
“Local search algorithms move from solution to solution in the space of candidate solutions (the search space) by applying local changes, until a solution deemed optimal is found or a time bound is elapsed.”

2). Optimization of the companies intro video on Youtube. Since Youtube is owned by Google, it makes sense that they will give youtube videos (that are relevant) to results in a search. The goal being to let the video naturally show up high on the results for a search and let it be a lead generator.
There are three extremely important steps to doing this.
a. Film a quick, informative video with a strong call to action.
b. Optimize the upload to Youtube and build out the listing info.
c. Syndicate the video out to a multitude of social media for massive exposure and viewing.

NOTE: Our network services includes some of the largest social media business accounts on the net – this gives our personal clients a massive advantage and isn’t something most businesses can duplicate. I felt it was important to make that point and be completely transparent.

(ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: there are a ton of details in the above three steps as well as a few propriety applications, this was simply a quick overview with some live results showing in the video).

If you have a business or are a professional that needs GREAT search engine optimization in order to be found by your customers, follow these steps above.

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