SEO Montreal | SEO Services Montreal | Search Engine Optimization

SEO Montreal | SEO Services Montreal | Search Engine Optimization
http://Bytelan.Com / Bytelan Enteprise. SEO Montreal (search engine optimization) firm specializing in ranking websites on the first page of Google. Our SEO Services in Montreal include: Responsive Web design including mobile friendly websites, search engine optimization for organic (free) results, PPC (pay per click) advertising using Google Adwords and other PPC networks. We also do video production and video marketing using Youtube, Fiddler, Metacafe and many more videos sites. We also free 1 year web hosting to our new clients.

We have many different SEO plans to choose from as explained in the SEO Montreal video above.

In addition to having your website marketed using our SEO Montreal organic search result campaigns, using paid traffic is the fastest and easiest way to start the “snowball”. We can run small PPC paid traffic campaigns with Google Adwords and other PPC networks to start getting traffic now while your organic rankings take effect, which can take months based on the way Google ranks sites now days again depending on your niche market and the competition factor.

Our SEO Montreal services using a combination of organic search result marketing and PPC marketing will bring your website great results on the first page of Google. Our search engine optimization Montreal mobile friendly websites will help your company increase your targeted overall traffic since 50% of the 5 billion mobile users are using their mobile to browse the internet locally. If your website is not fully optimized for mobile these users will move on to other mobile friendly websites.

Have you ever received an email message from a potential customer such as this one: Are you open on Sunday? I was looking at your site on my iPhone and I couldn’t read it at all. It looked very small and I had to scroll all over the place so I just gave up.

The majority of mobile users do not want to scroll down the whole page or go sideways, they are in a hurry and want the information “above the fold” just like if they were reading a book. They don’t want to scroll and zoom all over the place. So it is important to place your most relevant information at the top right of your page.

Mobile marketing including SMS text messaging services is a must now days if you want to compete and keep a piece of this giant mobile market pie.

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  1. SEO services are all over the place and it’s very hard for business owners
    that don’t know much about SEO concepts to make the right choice in finding
    a reputable SEO companies that will actually give you results and not just
    taking your money.

  2. I agree I think every business in Montreal who need leads must be doing
    some form of seo especially sense their competitors most likely have
    someone doing it for them. Yes there are many sources and ways to get
    backlinks but right now what’s most effective is PBNs.

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