Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations

Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations
Your non-profit organization is doing amazing things. You know it, we know it… but how do you get the word out?

Social media is becoming an increasingly popular and effective method for spreading the word about non-profits and promoting charitable causes. In conjunction with traditional media/marketing tactics, social media can be an extremely efficient tool for creating buzz.

As a non-profit, one of the best ways to engage your online audience is to offer a charitable contribution for “likes,” or to create a contest (see last week’s blog posts for tips on how to successfully run a promotion/contest on Facebook). For example, offer to donate to a charitable cause for every new “Like” on your fan page. Not only do your fans get to contribute to a worthy cause, they’re also able to publically show their support for your organization.

Consider a Pinterest or YouTube campaign, as well, in order to truly show off your efforts and impact. Film some of your organization’s latest projects, or put together an “About Us” video to explain your non-profit’s mission and goals. Never underestimate the power of visual appeal! People love to see the results of their contributions and efforts.

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