Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services
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Social media is critical to your business and, when used properly, can be your secret weapon to online success.

People conduct over 5 billion searches on Google every single day.

There is no question that your potential customers are looking up the products and services your company offers. If you’re not putting any information online, who is?

In reality, there are two scenarios that can determine the quality of online conversations about your business.

1. People post reviews about you on directories.

There’s a slight chance that even if you do nothing, people might post and share content about you. This content could be good or bad. Your business could be mentioned or completely left out and forgotten. This is a wild card.

2. Be proactive. Guide conversations to show your benefits.

Our social marketing packages produce content that puts you in front of your future customers when they are searching for you. Regular posting, commenting and sharing on social media allows your business to be a part of that, and focus the discussion on your strengths.

Not sure where to start?

Which social media sites to use?

How they all work together?

No problem. We can help.

There are only really 4 steps

1. Find people in your target audience and connect with them.

2. Give them something to talk about.

3 Encourage them to give you their contact details.

4 Stay in touch so you can sell them your products and services.

Can you make money on social media?
Here’s a secret. You don’t make money on social media, you make money by doing business with people who trust you.

Regular updates on social media help to develop relationships with buyers so they will know who you are as a company and believe in you. Then and only then will they buy from you.

Instead of overloading yourself with thousands a social media sites you can work with the most popular, search engine friendly sites to accomplish this task.

There are currently:

Over a billion active users on Facebook, over 500 million on Google+, 259m on Linked in and 243m on Twitter. That is a huge audience that’s waiting for you!!

TV stations wouldn’t come close!

We’ll help you attract them with blogs, interesting posts, quotes, memes and content about your business they can share with their friends.

Presence on Social media makes you more credible to increase referrals
build new relationships for work, and gives you outstanding visibility. It increases the familiarity of your business and builds trust. We’ll help you stay top-of-mind and reach your local markets.

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