Squarespace SEO 2017 | Tutorial Video by MyDigitalLandscape.com

Squarespace SEO 2017 | Tutorial Video by MyDigitalLandscape.com
How To Improve Squarespace SEO.

Search & search engine optimization has evolved over the years & is a such an important aspect of your website that it can be very intimidating especially for folks that are just starting out. Hosted platforms like Squarespace can make this optimization process easier by limiting some of the most complex aspects of SEO that being said it can still be intimidating to get your arms around. This video tutorial is specifically designed to help Squarespace users with basic SEO principles.

The basic Squarespace SEO techniques that we will cover in this video include:

1. Updating the site title
2. Overall site description
3. Page descriptions & page descriptions when using an index based template
4. Title tags & page content
5. Image names & image optimization

More information can be found here: https://mydigitallandscape.com,

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