The Dress: Viral Marketing Success

The Dress: Viral Marketing Success
A lesson in viral marketing. #thedress is viral!

While social media users argue if #thedress is blue and black or white and gold, the British clothing company behind the suddenly famous frock is reaping the benefits of the Internet’s befuddlement.,

9 thoughts on “The Dress: Viral Marketing Success”

  1. This is completely bonkers how so many people can become obsessed with the
    colour of a dress. It has been the LEAD story on all news bulletins here in
    Scotland because the girl who originally posted the photograph of the dress
    is an amateur Scottish folk singer and I am sure it’s not going to do her
    career any harm either !

  2. Whats the colour of Money
    whats the colour of Money,
    Dont tell me that you think it’s Green
    Coz me I know it’s RED.

  3. Reminds me of a Brit TV series from the 70’s.
    An alien paints a picture that controls people’s emotions, when the Picture
    changes colour, people start behaving differently. More divide and rule.
    Possibly Linked to a Natural tendency for people’s vision to favour
    Blue//Green related to the Purkinje Shift.
    The TV series, worth watching ,
    The Purkinje Shift,
    Not the BAND Purkinje Shift, Super FANTASTIC Its FREE take a Listen.

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