The Importance of SEO Video Marketing | 888-996-9697

The Importance of SEO Video Marketing | 888-996-9697
The Importance of SEO Video Marketing

Hi, This is Marcia Hawkins of Video Broadcast Services here in our home office state of Massachusetts. I am continually asked, do I need video marketing, SEO, and Social Media Marketing?

The answer a resounding and unwavering yes. In fact, the answer is never no.

While we offer advertising advice, advertising is geared more for a direct demographic with a specific intent such as a sale or promotion using radio, tv and in rare cases print. I say rare because print is becoming extinct. Many businesses are afraid to eliminate their print ads because their competitors are still using it…not a winning strategy, especially in the age of the internet.

Video Broadcast Services offers a much broader approach to your advertising. We’re long-term thinkers and we prefer you invest in your advertising and marketing with permanent search engine and social media placements versus expensive, short-term and the same marketing methods your competitors are using such as Ad words and Pay per click.

Video, Content and Reviews along with a high website ranking and a strong social media presence will determine your popularity on the internet.

Our approach for your business is simple, we start by not working for your competitors, protecting your marketing and advertising budget. Secondly, we include all of the organic tools and strategies to ensure we create a prominent and dominant online presence for your business. We include SEO, Video SEO, Social Media posts, YouTube Marketing, Review and Reputation Management, Backlinking, and if needed complete website development and management.

Keeping your online presence current and relevant and positive is our niche. Protecting your investment in your marketing is our commitment, and working until your happy is our mission.
Your online presence is the window with which your new customers, clients and patients and current ones will rate and decision make based on their ability to find you online and the relevancy to what they are searching for.

While it can be overwhelming to try and keep pace with the ever-changing internet, Google updates and posting quality content, we structure our services to allow you to place your online marketing on autopilot and ensure we include everything you need to ensure your online presence, reputation and social media channels are where they need to be.

Call Video Broadcast Services today at 888-996-9697.

The Importance of SEO Video Marketing,

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