Turn Your Facebook Fan page into an Autopilot Viral Marketing Machine

Turn Your Facebook Fan page into an Autopilot Viral Marketing Machine

You can turn a Facebook Fan page into a Fully Autopilot Viral Marketing site in 3 easy steps. By using the strategy showing here, your fanpage will automatically promote itself. Number of fans will be increased and share the facebook page with thousands of like-minded people. Your opt-in subscription list will go through the roof and exposure to your business will go up at an exponential rate. Here is how this concept works: When somebody visit the facebook page, a gift will be offered if he answers a question correctly. To access the question, the visitor has to click the ‘Like’ button and become a fan. Once he become a fan, the questionnaire will be displayed immediately. If his answer is incorrect, he can try again. If the answer is correct, he can immediately access the download link or opt-in subscription form. Also, the visitor will be able to send the question to his friends or groups. He will be able to post comments as well which will be posted on wall. This way, your fanpage will be promoted itself 24/7 fully autopilot. To create such a fan page, you have to follow only 3 easy steps. No programming experience is necessary to create the fanpage I mentioned here. You don’t have to worrry about installation, uploading, PHP script setup etc. No domain name or websites are required. What you need to do is follow the Tutorial we provide. If you know how to copy and paste, then you can do this yourself. The Tutorial contains so simple and easy to follow steps. For further details, visit:

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