Video marketing – Spotting trends to help create content

Video marketing – Spotting trends to help create content In this video, you’ll see an example of taking a trend and turning it into a piece of valuable content for a particular target audience. Using trends in the market is a great way to create up-to-date relevant content. But the important thing to remember is that content marketing should provide some sort of value to your target audience. So in this video, you’ll see that I’ve tried to show how mobile journalists can get a small lavalier microphone that is plug and play and that will help them capture great audio along with the great video from the iPhone 6.

The other reason for making this video is to show the target audience that there is an alternative to the big brands that performs as well, if not better than those competing products. And of course, is much higher quality than the cheap brands.

So the point of this post and the video is to say that content marketing ideas are not always planned. You have to pay attention to what is happening and act accordingly. It your timing is right, your content could get a lot of eyeballs, which can only help your company or you.

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