Video Marketing Strategy: Video Marketing Metrics – Ep. 8 FUNNELBOX

Video Marketing Strategy: Video Marketing Metrics – Ep. 8 FUNNELBOX
Video marketing will be in vain if you aren’t properly measuring success. R.E.P. is a video marketing acronym that outlines three areas that should be measured to understand how your video is performing and whether or not adjustments need to be made.


0:33 – Measure your success with R.E.P.
0:45 – Results
1:03 – Engagement
1:17 – Perception
1:36 – Video marketing isn’t easy

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I think that’s enough.
Don’t act so surprised, I gotta keep the choco tacos off somehow.
Now this isn’t some silly Shake Weight infomercial stuff either I’m serious about my content.
Like any great athlete with a flawless regimen, I follow an acronym of success R. E. P.
Making a video is one thing but it’ll be in vain if it isn’t measured correctly.
Results, engagement, and perception.
Those three metrics are as to good video marketing as ABBA is to your workout playlist.
First up, results. Start with the most basic.
Are people actually doing what you want them to do after they watched your video?
Sure you can create hilarious or picture-perfect content but if it’s not moving people forward with the data to show for it it’s not working. After that think about engagement.
Captivate your crowd; no yoga pants required and pay attention to what happens.
Did they share it? Did they like it? Did the comment thread keep you scrolling for hours.
Did the viewer watch untill the very end?
Finally, perception. Is your viewer picking up what you’re putting down? Are you speaking their language?
It’s important to think about how your target wants to be approached.
What kind of communication might fall flat with them?
You may be confident in your messaging but is your audience really hearing you the way you think they are?
Video marketing takes work but what great things come easy?
These guns certainly didn’t come loaded off the shelf.
Make sure you do your REPs before you get to planning your next video and witness how measuring results, engagement, and perception metrics can turn you into a video marketing stud.
Oh, this?
A video’s gotta protein up after a workout too you know.
Take two. Finally whoops. Finally. Peeeeerceptio… Measured. Muh Muhsured. Don’t act so surprised I gotta keep the chocos uhhh. You guys can’t laugh!,

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