Video Marketing Tips – How to Increase Snapchat Engagement & Daily Views feat. Carlos Gil

Video Marketing Tips – How to Increase Snapchat Engagement & Daily Views feat. Carlos Gil
If you’re a marketer trying to reach 18-24 year olds in the US then Snapchat is where you want to be. It’s live video snippets is perfect for creating quality relationships with millennial targets. Jump start the process here:


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How the crap does Snapchat work?

Snapchat is hard. I’ve got a channel myself and growing my daily view counts is hard. Getting real engagement is actually pretty easy. They both matter and that’s why Im bringing in Snapchat influencer Carlos Gil to drop three tasty knowledge bombs so be sure to watch the WHOLE interview.

Is Snapchat marketing a thing?

Snapchat Marketing is ominous. A lot of people talk about it but does anyone really know what it is? Do we even know if Snapchat marketing is a thing yet?

Here’s what we know to be true as markers – where the attention goes so goes the advertising dollars. With Snapchat user engagement at these levels we certainly know that there are brilliant and wealthy people working together to make Snapchat marketing a thing.

If you’re a business or a social media marketer you’re going to want to follow Snapchat for one main reason – your customers or your future customers are on it now it’s a part of their culture now.

It’s a thing they will talk about for years to come even if Snapchat dies in five years, millennial- aged people will remember the app from when they were kids. There will be nostalgia to it and that means that there will still be a market in Snapchat.

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