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Video Marketing Tools | YINC | Youtube Tip
Video Marketing Tools | YINC
Youtube Is Your Friend

Video Marketing can be hard if you think too much about it. Everybody that is in the marketing industry wants to pop up on page one of google. For Example we have

(nicole) works here at Yinc and she doesn’t really have a friends. Her and youtube have kind of have a rough relationship. They don’t really talk much.

Here you have (taylor) him and Youtube are like best friends. Why is that? Taylor loves youtube he has a set schedule that Youtube and him hang out. He shares information with him all the time. Youtube loves showcasing his work. Like a true friend, YouTube always has Taylor’s back and recommends his videos to others.

Yes we all know you can buy your way to the top but I personally don’t like to buy my friendships. We have a little secret for you! Following a couple of steps we can get your video on page one of google and Youtube and you can be like Taylor having Youtube as your best friend

Youtube is the fastest and easiest way to get your message on the web. First you have to:

Make a good video. Make sure you have good lighting, you can get a decent light kit online for like 0. We’re using one for 0. It costs pennies. Next, you need to have good audio. Nothing is worse than sound that doesn’t match up or sounding like you’re underwater. Make sure that you have a quality camera. People get really mad if they can’t watch their free YouTube videos in HD. And be creative. Make a video that people are going to want to watch.

You can use a phone to record your video, but make sure the quality is good. Here is a side by side of our camera vs a phone recording. All of this is to help you gain an audience and potential new friends.

Next it’s time to give YouTube a little bit of love. Feed youtube information by giving them a nice big script 300+ or more and putting that in the description

The time you spend with your friend the more they like you. Just like youtube you have to make a schedule and stick with it. Youtube will recognize you more if you have more content.

Keep your audience happy if you friend texts you they probably want you to text them back. Just like on youtube. If you audience is commenting they want responses.

If you want to know how to rank your video to get to page 1 of google and youtube, check out this video. And if you wanna know more about us, Yinc, visit our website (point up) or watch this video.

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