Viral Marketing Examples

Viral Marketing Examples
Viral Marketing Examples at:

This Video was created as Case Study to illustrate the ranking of the keyword search expression: “Viral Marketing Examples”. This Video was posted live on April 23rd 2012 and its purpose is to create a ‘Case Study’ of Viral Marketing in action. The goal is to rank both the Video above AND the webpage it was originally embedded onto Page 1 of Google for the search term: “Viral Marketing Examples”. Obviously, 30 Second Video Marketing has a strong background in ranking video content on both the Google and YouTube search engines, so we are confident we can rank this video relatively quickly. However, ranking this page as a traditional ‘Web Result’ on the google Universal Page results may take a little longer.

This music on this Video is licensed under a Creative Commons License 2001-2012 Our thanks to: Kevin MacLeod. Track The title is ‘Movement Proposition’.

Viral Marketing Examples at:,

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