What is video marketing? – Video marketing for business #1

What is video marketing? – Video marketing for business #1
http://www.bitpod.co.uk/ What is video marketing?

At Bitpod we like to consider video as either content, or, as a way to drive new traffic. We believe true video marketing, is where the video reaches out, to a new audience, and leads to the start of a new customer relationship.
Unfortunately, this is where we can easily fall into the trap, of thinking that this is all about promotional videos and adverts.
And although this is often considered a solution, it is really not that effective, and not something we would recommend.
Why? Because the internet empowers people to search for the answers to their problems, and unless your video is aligned with their requirement, then it is not likely to be found or watched.
However, if you already have a good number of targetted website visitors, and you feel that video is needed to help convert visitor to customer, then a carefully crafted introduction, or demonstration video, could really help.
It is important to note, that unless you have prospective customers on your website, adding a video is unlikely to be a game-changer, unless, you are considering a pay-per-click or sponsored listing campaign.
So, for most businesses, video marketing is going to be about understanding the search.
By this, I mean working out what your prospective customers are looking for on Google, and then creating a video, or more likely videos, that are seen as a solution.
These videos could be guides, tips, answers to specific issues, latest updates – anything this is highly informative and most importantly, relevant to the product or service that you provide.
Some of the best video marketing campaigns are designed to raise awareness and to build trust in the brand.
This trust is usually obtained by sharing valuable information and demonstrating expertise.
The internet has changed the way people research and buy, products or services.
Video has now proven itself as an easy to watch, informative and engaging way to reach out to new customers.
Video marketing is the name for this process.
Please look out for our next video ‘Why video marketing works’

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